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Chess: Nervous System and Turkish Tribes

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Chess is an old game which had been played by enemies of commanders before war began in order to they prove their intelligent against his rival centuries ago. Although chess did not become widespread among Turkish tribes in the past because of some religious and traditional reasons, finally it gained its reputation in most of school nowadays. It is well known fact that Turkish tribes are famous with epic warriors in according to varied source of history books.

Chess is also epic game, with the chessboard resembles a battlefield and two sets of pieces the two contending armies and the two rival players think in terms of attack, defense, capture, threats ambushes and tactics. The chess game is full of such activities which suggest a real and live combat. It is obvious that this game is more suitable Turkish customs than other nation cultures even if chess is invented by Indian people. A player of chess is required some qualifications like he can make a decisive move in very complex situation even if under the pressure.

That’s why a person who plays chess activates the central nervous system and develops positive emotional reactions. It is very good training challenging task and develop mental health in another stages for a person who plays chess. Opponents of chess have claimed that some arguments to support their arguments. Firstly, chess is objected by some people who misunderstood the Turkish religious because of it does not suitable for Turkish religious.

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So religious group assert that playing chess is a sin and it is banned by the god because, it was invented by the Indian people and they do not know anything about Turkish religious. But there are a lot of inventions in the Turkish society taken from other nations. Besides, god suggests that If something is useful for human there is no sin using it in the Quran. Secondly opponents of chess claim that playing chess means that spending waste of leisure.

They claim that instead of playing chess, leisure can be spent more effectively with another sports. In fact that there is not any other game hobby or diversion as philosophical, intellectual, effectively and thoughtful as chess. In a word, it seems no doubt that there are many valid reasons in support of playing chess. We can understand that a person who plays chess can take a lot of benefit. There cannot be better pursuit than playing chess in leisure time. It not only keeps you busy but also gives entertainment.

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