Essays on Parasite

Essays on Parasite

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Predictors Of Malaria Parasite Prevalence Health Essay

Recent advancement in malaria control such as increased handiness and coverage of several intercessions, including insecticide-treated bed cyberspaces ( ITNs ) , effectual instance direction with Artemisinin-based combination therapy, indoor residuary crop-dusting of families, and intermittent preventative intervention IPT for pregnant adult females, is thought …

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Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan.
Release date

May 30, 2019 (South Korea)


Bong Joon-ho


Academy Award for Best Picture, Palme d'Or

Music by

Jung Jae-il

Box office

$259 million


₩17.0 billion; (~$15.5 million)



  • Park So‑dam - Ki‑jung
  • Yeo‑jeong Cho - Park Yeon‑kyo
  • Choi Woo‑shik - Ki‑woo
  • Park Seo‑joon - Min
  • Lee Sun Gyun - Park Dong‑ik

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What is the message of parasite?
Parasite is far less optimistic. He believes economic immobility is now the norm and that those born poor will die poor while those born rich will live long. Ki-woo has a fantasy about upward economic mobility.
What is the moral of parasite?
The movie's moral center - part family drama, part surreal comedy part social commentary- examines who the parasite is: the poor who lay their eggs in this fancy nest cuckoo, or the rich who lives a life of luxury while reaping the benefits of all their labour.
What's so good about parasite?
Parasite excels at storytelling and understands the rules. Every item on screen has an exact purpose and a significance that transforms the story.
What are the themes of parasite?
Parasite's central themes are class conflict (social inequality) and wealth disparity.

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