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Charlemagne Robert Folz

Frannzen Linares Thursday, October 14, 2010 Knowledge Summary of Source. Report #1 – Charlemagne Robert Folz. The Coronation of Charlemagne(Book), first written in french in 1964, this book is now available in English translation.

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Robert Folz is well known for his monumental studies of the legend of Charlemagne in the Middle ages. Robert Folz was a French medievalist and a specialist in the Carolignan era; for this reason he is better qualified than most historians to convey a deep understanding of the efforts and signifance of Charlemagne for France and Europe.

Folz concentrates on the growth of Frankish power, starting with Clovis and leading to Charlemagne. The focus is on political and religious developpments that explain the imperial coronation, rather than on social and economic history. Folz presents all this with brevity and clearly; the elegance of style shows his familarity with the source material. He wrote numerous books all related and similar to Charlemagne such as: * (French) Le souvenir et la legende de Charlemagne dans l’Empire germanique medieval. (1950) * The concept of empire in Western Europe from the fifth to the fourteenth century. 1953, translation published 1969) * The coronation of Charlemagne. 25 December 800.

(1964, translation published 1974) * (French) Les saints rois du Moyen Age en Occident, (VIe-XIIIe siecles). (1984) * (French) Les saintes reines du Moyen Age en Occident (VIe-XIIIe siecles). (1992) This book also uses extraits and portions of the book “Life of Charlemagne”(Vita Karoli Magni) which was written by a man named Einhard who actually was a dedicated servant of Charlemagne which adds to the reliability of this book.At the same time, he uses extraits from letters written by a man named Alcuin to Charlemagne himself and books written at the time and date back to Charlemagnes reign. Book written by Robert Folz and translated by J. E Anderson, the publisher of this book is London : Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1974 and is a Translation of: ‘Le Couronnement imperial de Charlemagne (trente jours qui ont fait la France : 25 decembre 800)’. Paris : Gallimard, 1964 The company has also published a book with a small portion of the life of charlemagne, The Philosophy of John Scottus Eriugena: A Study of Idealism in the Middle Ages By Dermot Moran.