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A comparison of Robert Frost’s life and his writings

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 Literary works are considered in part as a reflection of the life or parts of the life of an author. Indeed, literary writers expose a part of them with the words that they pen and share with the world.

The poet and his/her works stand side by side as individual entities that both share similarities, or even differences, with each other, and yet the poem is not the author, and the author is not the poem; they are separate from each other, the one a part and product of the other but both entirely separate from each other.

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Because of this, it is interesting to investigate the presence of certain parallelisms, or certain opposites or contradictions, between the author and his life compared to the ethos of the literary works that a certain author has produced collectively, during his or her lifetime.

One of the significant personalities in the long list of American poets and literary writers is Robert Lee Frost, or simply Robert Frost. Frost, a four-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, has contributed immensely to the collection of American poetry and literary writing, resulting to his earning the stature that makes Frost an ideal target for the analysis that this paper wishes to pursue.

Investigating how professional literary critiques, analysts as well as other people who referenced Robert Frost or his works via the review reliable and credible literature leads to the idea that Frost’s works and what it stands for, what it means, and how it affects the audience are closely similar and related to Frost and how he lived his life, and it is in the pursuit of establishing this point is the endeavor to which this paper is dedicated to.

The real and rural life

 Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1874, passing away 88 years later on January 29, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. He left behind American literature which he highly influenced and altered by adding his own works and his own writing style in the annals of American literary writing.

In the pursuit of finding points of comparison that can establish common or contrasting points between the life of Frost and his writings, a cursory investigation of Frost’s life and his writings would reveal that commonality in particular is not very difficult to establish.

Most of Frost’s writings was about the present time (at the time he was writing a particular piece), adding to the overall style of Frost which is generally realistic in nature. Frost wrote literary materials that reflect the life during his time, and in a way, the fictional works of Frost – his characters, his society or community – all reflects or imitates at least a part of Frost’s real life and aspects of his personality. This is a very important aspect of similarity comparison which this paper points firstly in this paper.

Frost’s usual reference to rural life or the portrayal of rural life in his many different literary works was a reflection of Frost’s leanings towards the rural life, which was not very easy for Frost to completely attain since Frost, during his lifetime, spent much time in the city.

Because of his penchant for the rural life, Frost’s depiction and tales of rural life in his many works reflect the similarities that Frost experienced in real life, especially about Frost’s rural life in both his young and mature years. In the early years of his marriage with Elinor Miriam White, Frost worked as a farmer, tending to the Derry, New Hampshire farm that his father bought for them to use to get started on their married life.

A comparison of Robert Frost’s life and his writings essay

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on A comparison of Robert Frost’s life and his writings

What was so unique about Robert Frost?

Robert Frost was an American poet who was born in the year 1874 and died in 1963 at the age of 89. Among the things he got involved with, he is well known for his poetic and writing works. What was so unique about Robert Frost is that he was so realistic in depicting the aspects associated with rural life.

How many children did Robert Frost have?

His own father had died when Frost was just a boy himself and during his married life Frost found himself a father also to six offspring. His life was touched by tragedy again as he and his wife lost two of these children. One child was still born the other died at three years old.

How does Frost deal with death in the poem?

The bluntness of his reaction gives a feeling of grief and disbelief (Study Mode, ND) In both these poems Frost deals with death in an intimate way, you can tell by the style of each verse he is writing from experience.

What is the last line of the poem The Living have lives?

The living have lives to lead (Wood 2008. )This is the last line of the poem after the poor victim, 16yr old Raymond Fitzgerald dies in the accident of horrific injuries caused by a buzz saw. The poor child bleeds to death after his hand is severed by the saw. Robert Frost clearly accomplished great things as a poet.

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