Should changes be made to the regulations for foods, served in public schools?

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Should changes be made to the regulations for foods, served in public schools? The topic selected is should changes be made to the regulations for foods which are served in public schools. This topic is selected because of two reasons, first, education is the base of development on each level, whether it is on individual level, social level, economic level, or at national level. The second reason is, Government has opened public schools to provide education at minimum or no cost to the students and they also provide free or lost cost meal to them to make sure that they get the minimum calories to have a healthy body and sound mind.

But the food served is generally not of a quality standard and that is why we often come across some news or the other about the degraded food quality. So the topic was selected to know more about the same. Thesis statement: Food leads to healthy mind and body, healthy mind and body leads to education, Education leads to development. Which means ultimately a healthy food can lead to development. So it is very important to eat well. National school lunch program: It is a federally assisted program of meal being operated in either nonprofit private schools or public schools and residential child care centers.

The purpose of this meal program is to provide a low-cost of free meal to the kids of schools so that they maintain a balanced nutritional diet along with study. This program was started under National School Lunch Act, which was duly signed by President Harry Truman in 1946. The three major characteristics of my audience are, first, they are a mass of people and a mass of people can lead to change in decisions; second, the current view on this topic and third is awareness.

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Now the question which needs to be answered is do we need a change? If the answer is yes, then the time is now. Free meal or low-cost meal does not mean a low quality or limited quality and quantity of food materials. If the nutrition is not reached up to minimum level also then what is the use of giving free or low-cost meals to the students. Scope of study: The scope of this study is to find out the meals menu served, the minimum nutrition it gives to the students, the changes which it might need etc.

Research design: The research design which can be used in this project is exploratory research design and Descriptive research design. Exploratory reveals all the Who, What, When, Why and How of the topic and it defines the problem. Descriptive research design is that research which describes the problem and finds a solution. Mode of data collection: Survey can be the best mode of data collection. It will include a questionnaire and some personal interviews. This will give the primary data.

For secondary data, we will have to find out the old surveys done on this topic. Internet can be the best place to find secondary data. Sample: The sample for this project can be the schools or the private organizations which opts for free meal or low-cost meal. The teachers, the students etc can be the sample. The sample size will depend upon the availability of time and money for this project. Data Analysis: The data got from the primary and secondary survey can be analyzed using different statical tools to come to a certain result.

Conclusion: This project is about the research that should there be a change in the meal provided at public schools or of the non-profit private schools. As the meal provided is generally not at par with the standard of the food quality approved by nutritionists so it needs to be changes. The foods do not contain fresh fruits, green vegetables, pulses or right amount of any nutrition filled foods so it is required to change the menu as differently as it can be so that proper nutrition can be given.


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