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Skinny Bitch: A Manual for Lifestyle Change

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There are cuss words splashed throughout the book and the writer is very direct with her opinions. However, as the reader it was truly convincing and made me feel like I better get my butt up, throw out any meat and dairy in my kitchen, and get to the store and buy a case of tofu, ASAP. Because the diet Is vegan that means absolutely no meat, Including poultry, pork, and fish. Also no dairy, Including eggs, cheese, basically no animal by-products are allowed. There Is also a chapter on artificial sweeteners and processed food, which are not allowed In the diet either.

The book tryingly suggest to quit smoking and cut back on alcohol, which I absolutely support; smoking is disgusting and large amounts of alcohol are unhealthy. The book is very captivating and educational. It educates the reader about more than Just what not to eat. It also goes deep into depth about what happens at slaughter houses and the mistreatment of farm animals in a way to both convince the reader to not eat meat and to also explain that meat is not always a healthy choice, even chicken and eggs.

The book explains the high amount of chemicals and hormones that are pumped into our farm animals and the effects they have on the unman body. For example on page 45, it reads, "Half of all the antibiotics made In the united States each year are administered to farm animals, causing antibiotic resistance In the humans who eat them". That Is a pretty scary fact, there are many other scary facts littered throughout the book. The book also explains the Importance of exercise and how important it is to have a exercise regimen. Skinny Pitch" is not so much a diet book as much as it is a suggested manual for lifestyle change. If one is planning to follow the "Skinny Pitch" diet they need to legalize it is not temporary, becoming a vegan is not only a serious commitment but also a way of life. Grocery shopping, cooking at home, and eating out will all be effected by choosing a vegan lifestyle and if one has a family their eating habits might have to change as well. The "Skinny Pitch" diet is low in a few vitamins and minerals. Also low in saturated fat, 59% and sodium, 42%, which is a good thing.

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But also low In Vitamin D, 20% and Iron, 63%, which could cause a problem after a while, however I believe that the majority of Vitamin D Is acquired through natural sunlight. The diet provides over 100% DIR of protein, omega-6, dietary fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Valetta 36, Foliate, vitamin C, vitamin A (REAL vitamin A (10), vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium. I feel the diet is different from the average individual's normal diet, American's let manly revolves around meat, wanly can make It extremely Doolittle to stay faithful to a non-meat, non-dairy diet.

As mentioned above, it is a lifestyle change and a very intense personal decision. I believe that if one chooses to follow the "Skinny Pitch" diet they will most definitely learn new healthful ways to eat and if hey are used to eating the average American diet, one can definitely expect to keep weight off. However, if beginning the "Skinny Pitch" diet while already being mindful of what one eats I don't believe there would be a huge change in weight loss or gain.

It is not necessarily a "low-fat" diet, rather it is a heaths eating lifestyle and even though the authors believe a true healthy diet does not contain meat or dairy that is not necessarily true. However, a decrease in meat and dairy consumption is a good choice for anyone who is trying to eat a more heart healthy diet. I believe that the "Skinny Pitch" diet could be a bit more expensive than average American diet. Purchasing soy over regular milk is more expensive. Finding soy and vegan products that taste good are indeed more expensive.

On the other hand, if one is not purchasing large amounts of meat the costs may Just about equal out. I believe for the average American the "Skinny Pitch" diet would provide a calorie deficit, however for someone who is already mindful of their diet and includes a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet, they may not see a large calorie deficit. Skinny Pitch" is not too low in calories. I believe the diet makes very reasonable claims regarding health and weight loss. It's simple: eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and overall health will improve.

The diet is straightforward and honest, fat will not drop and health will not improve until one commits too lifestyle change, not a "quick fix". Yes, it absolutely has required restrictions to certain foods. All meat, dairy, and any food the includes any animal by-products. Any processed food and any food that contains artificial sweeteners are not allowed. The credentials are indeed sound, the two women that wrote the book are both former models, and Kim Barbarian has received her Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition. All the reviews that I read of "Skinny Pitch" said pretty much of the same thing.

The book is written in a very straightforward way that will not leave anyone wondering what are healthy food choices. The New York Times review states that the book has a large focus on animal rights, which it does indeed. The Times also agrees that the book has an attitude but is "crystal-clear" on what is Junk food vs.. A healthy choice. Health. Mom's review mentions that the book might "pray' on women with eating disorders and may "take more of a toll on your self-esteem than your waistline" but also agrees that the diet is low in calories and could result in weight loss.

Goggle Books says "Skinny Pitch" explains healthy eating habits and a "lifestyle that promotes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and encourages women to get excited about feeling "clean and pure and energize". When compared to the material we have been studying in class this term, the book "Skinny Pitch" has a lot of similarities. The book describes healthy dating. It focuses on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which we have learned in class are all very healthy and the foods the average American needs to consume more regularly.

I also like that the book explains how processed foods and refined sugars are not good for the human body, all lessons we have learned in class. Its also interesting that the book focuses on the treatment of animals and explains all the chemicals Tanat are Tea to ten animals, we nave talked auto Tanat In class as well. In only major difference between what we have learned in class and the book is that en can still have a healthy diet that includes meat and dairy, Just that moderation of the two are important to ensure a healthy heart and low cholesterol.

I like this book and I believe that a vegan diet can be very healthy as long as one ensures that they are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals. I have a very good friend who is vegan and she has managed to make some wonderful entrees and I always look forward to her dinner parties. She incorporates raw food as well which can be very tasty when prepared correctly. I would rate this diet as an 8. I live that it is healthy and I like how it's a lifestyle change, not Just a fad diet.

Most fad diets do not work and weight is gained back within a year. I like how "Skinny Pitch" explains to the reader that there is no easy fix and that if one desires to be thin and healthy it takes determination and hard work, as with anything that is worth achieving. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in becoming a vegan. I would also recommend it to anyone who needs a wake up call in regards to their health and food choices and anyone who thinks that they can Jump on some crazy "diet wagon" and lose weight fast and easy.

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