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Century Genius/Stephen Hawking

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The Logical Insurrection Computing Engine was built in 1958. He attended college on scholarships and focused on physics and mathematics. However he showed strong interest in theories. Especially those theories of Einstein; and the theory of relativity and the study of cosmology. In 1963 he met his first wife Jane Wiled and in 1995 they got married but divorced in 1991. Stephen began getting sick when he and Jane got married so the testing began and the news came back that Stephen had ALAS.

He was told he had two years to live however he is alive to date. ALAS attacks the nerves and speaking ability, walking, breathing, and swallowing. Stephen communicates with a computer that is connected to his wheelchair. During his marriage token they had three children. The marriage didn't last and they divorced in 1991. He then married Elaine Mason which he divorced in 2006. Hawking worked for 30 years at Cambridge as the Lucian Chair of Mathematics. Sir Isaac Newton once held that position as well.

Stephens has been the world leader in research on black holes, the birth of the universe, and the nature of space, time and gravity. He has written many best-selling books which have sold millions of copies. "A Brief History of Time" is a best-seller of Stephens and has been made into a movie. In this book Stephen tries to explain physical and mathematical ideas and calculations without using math. And also a range of subjects in Cosmology including the Big Bang, black holes, light cones and superstring theory. "A Brief History in Time" stayed on the London Sunday Times est.-selling list for 237 weeks.

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Stephen has won many awards In his life. He has received the CUBE in 1982 and made Companion of Honor In 1989. 1974 Stephen was elected Fellow of the Royal Society he was one of the youngest to receive this award to date. Stephen is a known Atheists and his belief Is Science will win. With all of Stephens problems and disability he has not let this stop him. He continues to use his mind and remains a strong force In the Science field. References: * penguin Books USA Inc.

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