Camel Rider Story

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Sometimes the characters in a story are trying to get away from something. In other stories they may be trying to find something. Are the characters in Camel Rider running away from something or trying to find something. Characters running away or trying to find something occurs in most stories. Camel rider combines both as each character is doing something different. There are 2 main characters in Camel rider, two boys, one called Adam who is from Australia and one called Walid who was sold as a slave by his parents then got abandoned.

Many many stories have characters running away or trying to find something. The characters have reasons why they run away/find something. The characters in most stories run away since they’re scared or somebody is chasing them. Finding something would mean that the characters have some relation to it and it is important. The “something” could be someone or an object. Most stories there is a complication such as they’re lost, seeking revenge, scared or afraid. Come on Walid! ” I scream “we’ve got to get out of here” Adams quote from Camel rider. In this situation they are running away from a Gang. In Camel Rider Adam is trying to find Abudai and his dog Tara, Adam is lost but soon bumps into another kid called Walid who is lost and running away. They do not understand each other due to the fact they don’t know each others languages but join Adams journey to find Abudai. Overtime they get to know about each other.

A gang soon attack them causing them to change from finding Abudai to running away. After hijacking a car they stop running away and continue finding Abudai. They go through obstacles and succeeded in finding Abudai. “we’re lost” I say to Walid. “ I don’t know which way it is to Abudai from here” Adam is lost finding his way to Abudai but Walid helps him. Overall, I believe that the characters are trying to find something in this circumstance. They succeeded just like many other characters in many other stories.

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