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Business Memo Essay

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I am glad to inform you about opening a new manufacturing facility of our Company, which will start operating the end of January, 2008 in Japan. For this reason, I would like to remind you about the necessity to be prepared for communicating with our Japanese partners and keep in mind the specifics of their business culture. The Japanese are usually friendly with strangers, and in order to support good connections we need to demonstrate our sincere interest and trustworthiness, to be clear about our plans and expectations. It is necessary to have business cards translated into Japanese. We must be never late for our business meetings, behave formal and always demonstrate deep respect to our Japanese partners.

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Business Memo Essay

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Those employees who will go to Japan for business must be well aware about social customs and traditions of this nation. They must follow strictly conservative style in dressing. It is good to prepare some gifts for our business associates. When meeting and greeting people it is necessary to bow or handshake, and when addressing Japanese businessmen the last name with “San” must be used. It is necessary to keep in mind that the Japanese highly value such personal qualities as sincerity, calmness, altruism, ability to compromise and cooperate, etc. That is why it is essential not to speak too much and too loud, remain humble during any talk, try not to disagree or refuse something openly, be grateful, etc.

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of knowing Japanese business and social customs for doing successful business there. Therefore, I kindly ask managers and secretaries of all the departments constantly keep in mind the information above.


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