Business Communications Activities

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Chapter 7:

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    1. All employees’ cars must display a company parking sticker.
    2. Our company’s health benefits are available immediately.
    3. Will you please send me your latest print catalog?
    4. The manager questioned John’s travelling first class on a recent business trip.
    5. Is the bank open until 6 p.m.?
    6. You must replace the ink cartridge, see page 8 in the manual before printing.
    7. Justin wondered whether all sales managers’ databases needed to be updated.
    8. “Health care costs”, said the CEO, “will increase substantially this year”.
    9. In just two months time, we expect to interview five candidates for the opening.
    10. The abbreviation GMT means “Greenwich Mean Time”, doesn’t it?

Chapter 8:

  1. All Southwest Airline passengers will exit the plane at gate 14when they reach Ontario International Airport.
  2. Personal tax rates for Japanese citizens are low by international standards, according to professor Yamaguchi at Osaka University.
  3. The Vice President of the United States said that this country continues to seek Middle East peace.
  4. My father, who lives at the Midwest, has Skippy Peanut Butter and Coca Cola for breakfast.
  5. Our Sales Manager and Director of Marketing both expected to receive federal funding for the project.
  6. Although the Manager recommended purchasing Dell computers, our Vice President wanted to wait.
  7. Sana Nadir, who heads our customer communication division, has a Master’s degree in Social Psychology form the University of New Mexico.
  8. Please consult Figure 4.5 in Chapter 4 to obtain US Census Bureau population figures for the Pacific Northwest.
  9. Did you see the article in Businessweek titled, “The global consequences of using crops for fuel”?
  10. Christian plans to take courses in Marketing, Business Law and English during the fall.

Chapter 9:

  1. We ordered three new computers and two printers for our department.
  2. Thirty-one candidates applied for three advertisement positions.
  3. My company paid $500 for me to attend the three-day workshop.
  4. Our UPS deliveries arrive before eleven o’clock a.m.
  5. Personal income tax returns must be mailed by April fifteenth.
  6. We earned 7.5% dividends on our $2000 investment.
  7. Our company applied for a $100,000 loan at six percent.
  8. A total of two million people attended the World’s Fair.
  9. I bought the item on eBay for $1.50 and sold it for $15.
  10. The store offers a 30-day customer-satisfaction return policy.

We received your comments on our new packaging. We apologize for the experience that you have received. However, we want to point out that the brown packaging is the new approach used by the company to support environmental programs. Please be rest assured that your ice cream packages were completely cleaned before using.

We are valuing our customers, especially loyal ones like you. Your patronage is the life of our organization. Please do understand that the importance we are giving you subjects us to taking care of your interests. Even though we are now expanding our contribution to environmental assistance programs, we still value your convenience as a primary aim of our company. Rest assured then that we are making sure that you receive the best service that you deserve which includes packaging systems as well.

Thank you so much for your patronage and hope you continue being our customer in the further years.

Reviewing the program outline of the event festivals of the Edinburgh International Comedy Festival, I have noticed that the said organizer has still been using the old Hard Rock logo. As part of the interest for organizational effectiveness and uniformity, I urges the Edinburgh International Comedy along with the other event organizers to employ and use in their program the new and official brand logo of the Hard Rock Café. Please do note that the Hard Rock company has already implemented this new logo and that, under legal jurisdiction the said official insignia must be used in identity of the Hard Rock establishment.

For convenience, please use the following link to acquire the new official logo of the Hard Rock establishment in the company’s website.

In the usage of this new official logo, the said event can be easily promoted thus, we encourage this transition for marketing benefits. Also, expected guests and other invitees can easily identify the venue as the Hard Rock management has already launch and promoted the new logo for market saturation. On matters of not complying to this matter by the 1st of June, the Hard Rock management is inclined to pursue legal action considering this action as a breach of the logo usage agreement between the involved party. As such, we encourage this application.

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