Motivation and Enterprise Culture: How Rent-A-Car Uses Recognition and Relationships to Motivate Employees

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Motivation is defined as the process that creates goal orientated behaviors. Motivation can cause us to act in a particular way, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or eating to reduce hunger. It can also cause people to achieve more then they would have otherwise. One approach by the Rent-A-car enterprise used to motivate employees is recognition. This is where effort and good performance are rewarded.

By establishing best practice, it is possible for Enterprise to measure branch culture against the benchmarks or standards it has set. This fits with Mascots theories of motivation as he had said that self-esteem is one of the factors in his hierarchy of needs. Another approach Rent-A-Car enterprise takes is by maintaining good relationships. Managers take care of their employees. They find out about the expectations of their employees. They Give clear directions and the team have fun together. This also fits in with Mascots theory of motivation as he had said that social needs esteem is one f the factors in his hierarchy of needs. . What is the 'culture' of an organization? Explain, giving examples, the Enterprise culture. The culture of an organization is the values and behaviors that contribute to the social and the psychological environment of an organization. This will usually affect the mentally of the employees and could both motivate or denominate depending on what side of the scale the environment it is. Organizational culture includes an organization's expectations, experiences, philosophy, and the values that hold it together, and is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations.

It is based on the attitudes, beliefs, customs, and the written and unwritten rules that have been developed and constantly evolving over time. The organizational culture will affect the ways the organization conducts its business and how they treat their employees, customers and the community. An enterprise culture involves being prepared to take risks and to think out of the box in developing solutions to problems. An organization with an enterprise culture is one where people are imaginative and creative, rather than being reluctant to take asks. Most of the successful businesses in recent years use the "enterprise culture".

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Some examples of companies that use this "enterprise culture" are Rove, the makers of Angry Birds and Apple Inc. Apple's products such as the Phone and Pad are the first of the kind on the market and where instant hits but as shown with the Apple TV the enterprise culture does not always work out in the companies favor.

Analyses ways in wanly 'l en vote' could encourage Enterprise employees to create high levels of customer service. The vote could create higher levels of customer revive as it could mean that the employees would not slack when working, as they know that it will look bad on them when the vote occurs.

It could also create a competitive atmosphere as workers may want to create higher levels of customer service then there colleagues leading to an improvement with that employee. Another way it could increase the level of customer service is with the feedback given to the employees the employee may look at the feedback they are given and then try to improve on this so it does not come up again in the next vote.

How effective do you think the motivational techniques used by Enterprise are in overcoming barriers to high performance? Explain why you think particular techniques would or would not be effective.

Some factors that motivate effectively in the enterprise are; Make sure there are good relationships between managers and employees. That there is clear communication between management and employees. This means that the expectations of the staff are clearly set and also the reason for doing things are clearly explained meaning the staff know exactly what they need to do and why they need to do it making them feel more important and more part of team. Another motivational technique is employees being praised for getting things right. This makes them feel happier and they will try to do this more often in order to get more praise.

However some factors that may denominate within the enterprise are: a lack of organization or structure. This will be denominate because employees may feel that they are doing the same Job as another employee and that there is no point to them doing that particular Job. A lack of feedback, This can denominate as if a employee is told that they are doing some wrong but given no feedback they may feel eke they have as if they are being treated unfairly because they do not know what is wrong and so they could feel that nothing was wrong causing them to be denominated on there next task.

A lack of understanding why a task is important, If the employees do not feel that a certain task is important then it may cause them to be unmotivated and so not do the task to the best of there ability. A lack of consequences for poor performance's be denominating as the employees may see someone else not working hard and not being punished for it causing them to be feel like they are working hard for nothing and so denominating for them.

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