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Book Analysis: Jack Sprat’s Wife

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Everyday she goes out to the market In order to buy meat, her husband's favorite food. She had read many books in order to know how to Improve her cooking for him. He ate all the beef and she ate the fat. Then, we learn that she exercises at the municipal pool and that she does not enjoy having sex with her husband because she is not comfortable with her body. Later on, surprisingly we discover that she had killed, packaged him and labeled his meat inside the freezer in order to eat him over. She starts vomiting in order to get thin, as it is socially expected.

Soon after, we learn she had cooked some meals with him, and ate them because "she deserved It". In the story she thinks she Is Invisible. ND one possible reason for her health situation could be that she eats in order to be visible. On her husband's birthday his mother-in-law goes to visit her. She tells her that her husband had gone on a trip and later on, The first concepts, subordination and subversion are shown in the main feminine character, through her food problem, it is, apparently due to her own vision of herself, an Incomplete human being, subordinated not only to her husband, but also to food.

Her only around Is preparing food for her husband and she "tames time" by eating. The feminine character attempts to change her reality, to subvert things, cause she thinks her husband's meat was the key, as he ate all the healthy part of meat, she eating him over would get healthy, according to her , he is "the antidote to what ails me". The other concepts, public and private spheres are shown through the idea that what we consume, conscious or unconsciously can heavily affect our private life.

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In the case of this story, there is a woman whose private life had been greatly affected by the media and the opinion of other people when someone is not skinny. The capitalism has a great Influence over these Issues, In order to gain an economic and the social effect it carries. It is socially established that being thin is to be beautiful. In the case of this female character, as she is fat, she is embarrassed of going out, she does not enjoy sex, and she thinks that her husband does not like her, despite the fact that he actually loves her and cares for her.

Our minds are filled with the idea that if we consume such a product or we eat such a thing we are going to be beautiful and successful. This affects our feelings, thoughts and desires. It also changes the way we actually live. To sum up, I would like to add that we should analyze the publicity before we actually take for granted what they say to us.

Book Analysis: Jack Sprat’s Wife essay

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