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Perfect Wife

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Jose L. Alvarado English 61 K, Dahi June 22, 2009 The Perfect Wife My wife would have to take care of the children when I’m not around. I don’t have children right now, but I’m planning on having two kids. That’s why I would want that characteristic on my wife. Being faithful to your partner is a major role on a relationship especially if you’re planning on marring him or her. Not cheating on your wife or husband is going to bring trust to one another. Another characteristic I want my wife to have is a good sense of humor.

Someone I could share jokes with and will laugh along with me instead of at me. People say laughter is the best thing in life and I agree. A relationship without laughter would be boring and pointless. Now the most important characteristic I want on my wife would be for her to be well educated and attractive. I want a wife I could hold a good conversation about the most random thing and for it to be interesting or at least for her to be smarter than me.

Being attractive is very important to me because I have noticed that attractive people seem to be more successful in life, they’re the ones that get promotions or invitations to the bosses house for dinner. Those are some of the characteristics I would want on my wife. Some of the characteristics I believe my wife would want from me would be to get along with her family and relatives. She would want this because families stick together and since I’m going to be part of the family I would have to get along with them.

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Probably the most important characteristic my wife would want from me would be to be reasonable with the work that needs to be done around the house. Do everything in a 5050 basis. My wife wouldn’t like to be the only one that has to mop, wash dishes, dust off the cabinets and clean the restroom. We would have to share those chores. My wife would also want to have the same religious beliefs, because I know how much a girl cares about getting married by the church with a white dress. The girls plan the weeding even before they’re engage.

I know for a fact my wife is going to want me to be economically stable. She would want this because in case of an emergency I would have to come out and pay the bills. The characteristics both my wife and I would have in common would be for us to be gentlemen or lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. I think matrimony in order to work there must be chemistry in bed. I find it hard to believe that some people wait till they are married to have sex due to their religion. Another characteristic we would have in common would be the foods we eat.

My wife or I wouldn’t like to cook two totally different plates everyday for the rest of our lives. The same taste of music would be one characteristic because how would we be able to dance to music we don’t like. It would be like living a lie. Overall I think looks, personality and money will make a wife or husband likeable. Those would be the top three characteristics a man or woman looks for in a partner. Like I said before no one in this world is perfect, so for them guys and girls waiting for the perfect spouse all I got to say is good luck.

Perfect Wife essay

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