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The teachers are very concerned about the lack of education he has had, but they pull together to bring his grades up. The Tooth family is well off and decides to befriend him and offer him their home as well as the opportunities they provide for him out of love and all that he has been through in his life. They protect each other as families do and provide the structure and family Michael has been longing for In his life. He gets his grades up with a tutor named MISS Sue Ann who has the confidence In him that she knows he has within and brings It out In him.

Through trials and a few difficult times they eke It through Like a true family, not a family Just helping an African American boy. There are tears of Joy and sorrow as the Tooth family realizes all that they have and that Michael did not have and come to find that there is another world outside their own. In the end he plays football for the NFG (Ravens) and Graduates College. In watching the film for about the 50th time, I love this movie. Found a new perspective in relating it to this week's assignment.

I found the heartbreak of a kid that really did not fit into his own ethnic background and racially was seen more for his size than he color of his skin. The Structural-functional Analysis of gender-role inequality works in this situation in that he finds his place within the family unit, while... Christianity: Critical Analysis Of Blind Side Movie The Blind Side: Making All the Right Calls When asked to think of an Inspirational drama In recent years, one movie comes to mind projecting lives of people that follow their dreams from a under privileged lifestyle to a well known role model.

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An inspiring movie has to give the audience that unique sense where they themselves have a different outlook on life. That outlook its them right in the heart where some people leave the movie theaters with tears of joy in their eyes. In John Hammock's "The Blind Side", many young football players can relate to the lifestyle young Michael Ore once had. The Blind Side is truly a remarkable story shown through a movie with young Michael given a chance for success, a hard Journey that experiences real life complications, and inspiring morals that the audience can relate themselves to Michael Rorer's life.

Michael Ore can be seen as an unsung hero In many people's eyes. As a young boy, Michael Is a homeless boy with no parents In his life. He Is the type of kid that gets by with Glenn the least amount of effort Into life. Yet, Michael Is given the opportunity to change his life around. Michael is put into an all white Winning Christian School where he feels out AT place Ana can Darrel survive. Critics take tens move In Enamel's Tie as a disgrace to the African-American community. The movie actually does address that factor in strong manner.

Some critics believe yet it's truly inspiring, but putting a young black male in a white Christian family and private school is not the place for the African-American race. Even yet, Michael is taken in by a southern white Tennessee family known as the Touchy. As it starts out as a gesture of kindness for Michael, it soon turns into something more like a dream. He becomes part of the Tooth family despite the differences in their backgrounds. A. V. Club writer Scott Tibias relates The Blind Side to "poor black athletes finding success through white charity. "

Actors: The Blind Side I suspected, after reading Megan Bash's review (below), that the filthy Blind Side would be worth seeing. So my wife and I went this weekend, and we were truly blindsided by a film abundantly rich in its humanity and unabashedly Christian in its underpinnings a modern day object lesson in Luke 10:25-37 and Matthew 25:31-47. Not only that, it's a true story. You can read the synopsis of the plot below. What that won't tell you is that Sandra Bullock (commanding and authentic, in what critic Alias Saved called "Her finest performance. Ever. ) and Question Aaron (in an appropriately understated but amazingly subtle and nuanced performance) will steal your heart away.

There are plenty of Kleenex moments, but this cinematic stew has been well seasoned with its fair share of laugh-out-loud humor as well. Its moderate Meteoritic rating fleets the fact that it was admired by those who accept (and often approve of) the film's message and intent, while it was panned by those (often mainstream) critics who feel every film must address "pervasive racism in America" every time a Black actor appears in a major role (e. G. "[The movie] begs off any serious investigation of race. " or "This sports drama never strays from the surface, never exploring more complicated socioeconomic and racial issues.").

The film's appropriate race-blind perspective is summed up brilliantly by Director John Lee Hancock: "Leigh Anne Toothy didn't stop that car to pick up that kid because he was African-American. She stopped that car to pick up that kid because he was cold. " In its third weekend, The Blind Side did what few movies do -? it has climbed to the top spot in the box office rankings after two weekends in second place.

Clearly, news of the innate beauty, charm, and inspiration of this film is spreading. Do yourself a favor and take your family to see it. Critical: The Blind Side "The Blind-Side "essay When a family adopts a child, the gender or the race should not change your perspective about the child. How you love and communicate with and for the child is what brings him or her closer to you and your family. Bringing a child into your home and loving them like your own can change both yours and the Child's life. Is telling an outside-adopted child you love them and their now apart of your family hard at first.

Yes it is. However, I can understand that to child is hard. But no one seems to understand how the child feels especially an older child. To go into a new home with other children must feel awkward. Like in the movie the blindside at first Michael felt out of place. He felt like they only took him in just to do a good deed. Like most other families they only take in foster children Just to get money from the government. " what's love go to do with it? " it has a lot do with it. Communicating with an outside child is more important than anything.

Communicating begins with trust. Trusting the child helps you better understand the child. Talking and getting to know the child helps you better to deal with the child. Bringing the child into your home and not talking to them most likely make them feel like they do not belong. Like in the "Blind Side" when Michael first went to the Touchy home they Just gave him a cover and put him on the couch without talking immunization) with him, that's why the next morning he got up and left. Just like that, most foster children do the same thing because they are not communicated with.

Why adopt a child outside your race, if you know you are going to criticize him or her. Most people adopt a child and the first thing they say or think is about the race of the child. When you say something about the child's ethnicity, it is not okay, even if you do not mean it. Criticizing a child because of their... Sociology - The Blind Side of the tracks". The story is about a young black kid who is shuffled between the he structure and family Michael has been longing for in his life. He gets his grades up with a tutor named Miss Sue Ann who has the confidence in him that she knows he has within and brings it out in him.

Through trials and a few difficult times they make it through like a true family, not a family Just helping an African American boy. Watching the film for about the 50th time, I love this movie. I found a new perspective in relating it to this weeks assignment. I found the heartbreak of a kid that really did ten color AT Nils skill. I en structural-Functional Analyses AT gender-role Unequal A Leadership Lesson From the Movie "The Blind Side" If you haven't seen the movie "The Blind Side" yet, you should go see it while it is still in theatres.

The story is about a Memphis, Tennessee family, Sean and Leigh Anne Toothy, who offer a lost, homeless teenager, Michael Ore, the opportunity to come into their home and become part of their family. Through Ms. Tough's nurturing Michael becomes a standout high school football player, eventually earning a scholarship to the University of Mississippi and being selected as the National Football League's Baltimore Ravens' first round draft selection in the spring of 2009. It's a touching and powerful real life story with one particular lesson all business leaders and coaches could learn from.

During Rorer's early days on the gridiron his football coach was frustrated with his lack of comprehension of how to fulfill the offensive tackle role he had been assigned. The coach, applying his traditional coaching style of yelling louder and more forcefully with each frustrating play at practice, gets no results. Ms. Toothy, watching her 'adopted' son from the practice sidelines, walks on to the field and addresses Ore, reminding him of his strong will and personal attribute of "protective instincts.

In taking the "Student Career Aptitude Test" for admission to a private Christian school Ore scored in the 98th percentile in "Protective Instincts. " Knowing this was his personal strength she used herself as a metaphor for the quarterback, and her youngest son as the tailback, telling him to protect his teammates in those positions as if he were protecting his new family. In the movie Michael immediately "gets it" and transforms into a force on the team's offensive line, much to the amazement of his coach, standing bewildered on the sidelines. Two leadership lessons in that story. Leaders have to know what makes their people tick.

They need to take the time to learn what motivates them and what their true strengths and interests are. Leaders must then take that information and apply it to the role in which they assign to their team members so everyone is working in a role that reinforces their strengths. To apply this in the most ridiculous way, above the high school level, a baseball team would not have its star starting pitcher play the position of catcher or shortstop on days when he is not pitching. Nor would a football team put its quarterback on the defensive line.

Yet, few businesses really assess the strengths of their employees and learn what they like to do and feel good doing before they assign a Job to them. I understand that in business, unlike sports, it may not be possible to have someone fill only the role they are the perfect fit for, but it is possible to identify those strengths and have their role include more of that work than not. It benefits both the individual and the organization. For this purpose I've recently become affiliated with an organization that does leadership and personality assessments to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, Harrison Assessments.

To learn more about my new affiliation and how it may benefit click this link. Tags: business success, motivating employees, improving business, improving workplace morale, improved leadership, champion leadership tips, customer service, learners TLS, learners skills, Decode a netter leader, Improving learners skills, motivating others, business strategy, employee morale, managing performance, improving employee performance Any one who wants a primer on leadership basics should watch the film The Blind Side.

Regular readers will know that I have quite a bit f admiration for Sandra Bullock (Razzed Dazzling, Sandra Sequel) and she really ratcheted it up a notch with her sterling performance of Leigh Anne Tooth in 'Blind Side' befriending, mentoring and leading Michael Ore to achieving great things despite unimaginable hardships. While films make a regular habit of glorifying a number of sports roles, I sort of never thought I would see one that did so for the position of 'Offensive Tackle' in American Football. It sort of gave an extra personal connection for me as that was the position I played in my State Championship high school football team.

But what really struck me was the living portrayal of brilliant leadership and management; Leadership happens one person at a time - Many people think 'groups', teams' and 'organization' when it comes to leadership and management, but Tooth shows that leadership and management is Just as important ; Leadership plays to strengths - After a breakthrough to one person at a time. Michael that the football coach never achieved: Mimi should really get to know your players. Michael scored in the 98th percentile in protective instincts.

Management addresses weaknesses - Grades, fitness, knowledge of the sport, trust, ace of aggression. Leigh understood all invested deeply to overcome them. Leadership admits mistakes - In the biggest decision of the film and one dearly important to Tooth, she accepts criticism despite how unfounded it is, and goes to extra lengths to re-examine it. ; Managers mind the stakeholders - And the numbers. Leigh could have tried to buck the system. She could have fought the rules on the grounds of Michaels exceptional hardships and exceptional talents. But she didn't.

She accepted the parameters of her stakeholders (school administration, school teachers, NCAA) and made sure that the xi's were dotted and it's were crossed eight down to the last tenth of a GAP point. ; Managers influence - Leigh illustrated countless, priceless examples of practicing the art of influence on her family, friends, teachers, project tormentors, and of course Michael himself. ; Leaders care - Executives often debate to what degree leaders and managers should get emotionally involved with their teams. A big school of thought preaches an emotional distance, that it is all 'business'.

While there are certainly constraints and considerations Noon Maxwell has a fine piece on this balance), I personally do believe hat you can't be effective as either a leader or a manager if you do not sincerely 'care' about the individuals involved. Thanks to Leigh for illustrating how this is done. Managers protect the Blind Side - It is easy for fans, coaches and leaders alike to get caught up in the winning potential of point-scoring 'quarterbacks' (especially in today's CB-oriented NFG) forgetting the critical complementary roles.

As I described in 'Three Levels of Empowerment', true me-Power-meet means 'Vive got your back. I guess, as Leigh says in the first lines of the film, Lawrence Taylor changed all that... Now, yawl would guess that more often than not, the highest paid player on an NFG team is the quarterback. And you'd be right. But what you probably don't know is that more often than not, the second highest paid player is, thanks to Lawrence Taylor, a left tackle. Because, as every housewife knows, the first check you write is for the mortgage, out ten second Is Tort ten Insurance.

I en let tackle's JODI Is to protect quarterback from what he can't see coming. To protect his blind side. " Leaders quarterback scoring drives. Managers protect the blind side. Both together are valuable winning combination. Movie Quotes from The Blind Side (2009) (Movie) Please login or register to cast your vote. Registration is FREE! [close] ; Quotes ; Discussions points Leigh Anne Tooth: "Am I a good person? It's not a Joke. Not rhetorical. " Sean: muff are the best person that I know. Everything you do... You do it for others," Leigh Anne Tooth: "And why is that? " Sean: "l have not a clue.

I mean any fool can have courage. But honor, that's the real reason you do something or you don't. Lets who you are and maybe who you want to be. If you die trying for something important then you have both honor and courage and that's pretty good. I think that's what the writer was saying, that you should hope for rage and try for honor and maybe even pray that the people telling you what to do have some too Submitted 1 year, 1 month ago by [pick]Nikkei Coach Cotton: Look at the wall, 'Christian' ( Winning Christian School) we either take that seriously or we paint over it.

You don't admit Michael Ore because of sports, you admit him because its the right thing to do. [speaking to the school board of directors] Leigh Anne Tooth: Don't lie there and pretend you are not thinking the same thing as me. Sean: Fine. Tell me what you are thinking, so that I'll know what's supposed to be on my mind. Submitted 1 year, 1 month ago by [pick]Nikkei dead or a mistake, but you are not supposed to question adults. Maybe they know what's best or maybe they don't. It all depends on who you are where you have come from.

Courage is tricky if you always do what others tell you to do. Any fool can have courage but honor , that is the real reason you do something or you don't. You should hope for courage and have honor. Submitted 1 year, 1 month ago by [pick]Nikkei Leigh Anne Tooth: I said you can thank me later - its later coach. Submitted 1 year, 1 month ago by [pick]Nikkei Sean Jar: Enough with the rugby shirts. You look like a giant bumblebee. [Michael walks n wearing a black and yellow strip shirt] Michael: Is it mine? Leigh Anne Tooth: yes sir.

Michael: Never had one before. Leigh Anne Tooth: What? A room to yourself? Michael: A bed. Sean: He is like an onion , you have to peel it one at a time. [Sean to Leigh about Michael] Friend: I think what you are doing is so great, to open up your home to him. Honey you are changing that boy's life. Leigh Anne Tooth: No,he is changing my life. Reaction Paper: Blindside Salary, Ferdinand M. BBS ACE AAA Reaction Paper (The Blindside by John Lee Hancock) The Blindside is a movie which tackles about the essence of a family and the retire of charity.

The main character of the movie is a Black-American teenager, with an awfully low intellectual quotient yet having a very high protective instinct, named Michael Ore. This quality of his became his tool in becoming an excellent lineman in football. Another important character in the story is Leigh Anne Toothy, a well- off woman with a businessman husband and two kids. She displays the value of Sleekness Day lending Enamel a tremendous amount AT Nell. Seen let Enamel stay In their home, gave him clothes and, most importantly, treated him like her own child.

Michael also became close with Leigh Ann.'s son, Sean, who influenced his interest in football and later on taught him the basics and other techniques in playing good football. Although at first Michael felt like an outsider in the family because they felt it was kind of awkward having someone, whom they are not related with, stay in their house, he eventually felt welcome when they started to warm-up on him and learned to love him. This shows us that people can treat a total stranger like he is a part of the family. Regardless of obvious differences, they loved him and supported him all the way through.

This is real charity! Sharing, loving, helping and being happy for someone not part of your family without expecting to be reciprocated. The story also shows the parallelism of family and football. Each player in the field is like a member of the family having different roles and tasks. In the case of Michael, his role is to protect the running back. In order for him to be very effective, he has to think that the whole football team is his family and he has to protect them especially the running back.

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