Best Islands in The World to Take a Great Vacation

Last Updated: 27 Jul 2020
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People across the globe look forward to getaways to experience relief from stress and to relax. They reach far away destinations to have some time alone or with family. But travelers don't pick random locations when they plan vacations. They search for excellent spots for leisure activities, romance, and adventures.

Some say that finding a gorgeous place nowadays may be challenging. The vacation areas are often overcrowded or even damaged due to millions of tourists visiting the area. Likewise, a large percentage of the earth that has wonders to behold is still unexplored. Lush greens, clear waters, and strange creatures are available in these undiscovered parts. But getting to them and staying there might be risky too.

Nonetheless, holidayers shouldn't worry about choosing a place. Vacationers take various land vehicles, airplanes, and boats to arrive at the destination point. But what spots are the best ones for spending the vacation? Here are a few paradise islands that many tourists recommend to go to.

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1. Bora Bora

It's a South Pacific island positioned at the northwest region of French Polynesia. It's a luxury destination, which wealthy vacationers prefer to visit enjoying various attractions.

At its center are mountains, which entice trekkers and climbers. There's likewise a wide, bluish-green lagoon with a coral reef. Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts explore such for its beauty and rarity. On the beach are bungalows resting on stilts for accommodating hotel guests. They are cosy and equipped with amenities for long and short-term stays.

The tourists of the island could also enjoy paddle boarding and canoeing. There are land tours offered as well for those who wish to explore the area.

  1. Palawan

The Philippines is the place where a lot of incredible nature spots are. Palawan isn’t an exception. Locals and foreigners visit its beaches and subterranean rivers for immersion and exploration. Yet swimming and diving aren't the only activities that people do there. Tour guides also offer boat riding and even island hopping.

It's home to exotic food to try and animals to see, so visitors also eat and check the wildlife. The cooks there could serve crocodile meat and shipworms. It's also one of the places where Tarsiers live, and fireflies survive.

3. Maldives

It's a group of islands described by many as heaven in the tropics because of its environment. Backpackers report that the combination of heat and humidity there is fine. It has white sand and turquoise water on the beaches and reefs where marine creatures live. There are also deep waters where scuba divers can travel underwater.

Those who wish to stay dry could still enjoy the South Asia islands. That's because visitors may introduce themselves to Maldivian cooking and culture. In addition, there are historical sites to see like the Hukuru Miskiy and National Museum.

4. Seychelles

Beyond the coast of East Africa are the islands that are likewise preffered by tourists. This archipelago is where a person can get some fresh air and bask in the sun with white sand and blue waters. Aside from the warm weather, the place is full of rare animals like fruit bats and giant tortoises.

It can cater to connoisseurs looking for simple delights and rarities. Different kinds of fish are available and cooks grill or dry them. Lots of dishes there use curry, lentils, and coconut because of the preferences of the natives. So it's also an ideal spot for those desiring to go on a food trip.

5. Santorini

An island in the Aegean Sea belonging to Greece's famous isles called Santorini is worth sightseeing. The views are amazing because of the ruins that it was due to calamities and renovation. Yet the structures aren't the only things to see in Santorini. The local tourism offers cruising and scuba diving too.

Newlyweds could appreciate the excursion packages because of the wine and fine dining. Tours bring couples to top wineries where they may taste different types of drinks. Together with the beverages are food like snacks and cheese as well. But families are fit for the traversing the island as well due to the steady bus trips and cruise. The journeys can amuse groups for hours and return them to their lodgings.

6. Cook Islands

Smack dab in the center of the Pacific, the weather there throughout the year is fair. It's a scattered group of islands but has many resorts and greens. Since it has jungles, globetrotters can go trekking. With its deep beaches, snorkelers can do some underwater traveling. Moreover, it has all sorts of restaurants, boutiques, and gift shops.

There are cabins and lodges with swimming pools and the coast. People who like living as the locals do can rent a room in native’s houses. So, when selecting this destination, a traveler may have to choose his or her comfort first. Likewise, budgeting is a must. The fortified ones and those that are close to recreational areas are more expensive too.

7. Saint Lucia

To experience glamour or have relaxing moments, this Caribbean island might be suitable. It's got two mountains as its famous landmarks for sightseeing, walking, or climbing. To go there, backpackers have to contact trustworthy guides first. That is because there are winding roads, and it takes a while to reach the peaks.

Whether it's immersing in foreign culture or sailing, tourists can enjoy their stay. Residents there supply private tours to introduce foreigners to fishing villages. There are likewise boats for rent to those who wish to cruise the west coast. But travelers won't get hungry due to the meat dishes and cooked seafood too. Chefs there serve the Bouyon soup that has a lot of local veggies and pork. Also, they prepare lobsters by steaming or other means.

All in all, there are numerous magnificent places in the world. If you like mountains, you can go to Switzerland. If architecture and history are the most interesting for you, it is better to visit Italy. However, if food is the purpose of your holiday, then why don’t you fly to Georgia or France. However, if you want to find yourself in paradise, visit the islands mentioned above and enjoy life to the full.

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