Benefits and Influence of Music

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Nowadays, music is very popular for teen and all ages. Some people like to listen Classic music and other like R&B or hip hop. It depend on their interesting. Even many people like music, but it still has advantages and disadvantages also. First of all, I would like to talk about the advantages of music. There are many advantages, but I'll tell you more details about that. First point, the music can make us feel relieve. Sometimes, when you get in the moody. You can take out your mp3 and listen to it, you will be feel relieve.

The music such as hip hop or R&B can help you to get in the good mood again. Second point, music can make us feel more comfortable. When you listen the romantic music, you such a kind of dreaming or you feel that you can fly and get the romantic feeling. So your feeling more comfortable and being happy all the time. Third point, music can reduce your stresses all the time. When you stress, you listening music or do other activity in order to reduce your stresses step by step. You can listening hip hop music, it's help you smile.

This is the last point of listening music, music can bring us in to one society by the meaning of the song. For example, you are listening to the Americana's song ( Dead and Gone), you can learn about the society in America. What happened in that or somethings beside this. Also you can improve your listening skill by listen the English song too. However music has many advantages, but it's also has disadvantages too. Listening music waste a lot money. When the singer show up or release new album, you always spend your money to buy it every time they release.

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If they release 100 different new album, Would you buy all this album? That's why I can say music waste a lot of money. On the other hands, music waste our time too. When you are addicted in to music. You always sit and listening to it without doing anything. You just sit and listen. You don't go out and do your work. Besides that, If you listen too much time and put your headset every time. You will have problem with your ear. You will spend much money or time to treat it.

Totally, every things always have advantages and disadvantages. But if you get the information about this already. You should reduce your listening habit step by step. Benefits and influence of music Music gives different meaning to everyone. Music is a combination of art form from different elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and genre. Music acts as an influence, past time, hobby and passion. From classical to jazz, pop, rock, R&B, hip hop or even devotional songs, music affect different people in many different way.

That is why we can see nowadays some people who are enthusiastic about music even attribute themselves and their talents into music professions. Music touches our soul and allows us to express different moods and emotions. Therefore, music has many roles that affect everyone’s life. Listening to certain songs usually triggers to certain emotions linked to that song. As for me, I would listen to various sorts of songs to cheer my mood up. And seriously, life without music would be very dull.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “hooked on the feeling? ’’. Well, it really happens. For example, during festive seasons like Christmas, many people will put on Christmas songs because this will help them to stay on the state of euphoria all month long and bring back their childhood memories of Christmas. Therefore, music also plays a very crucial ole in overall development of an individual. It can take the mind and body to do spontaneous things either good or bad, depends on the type of music a person is listening to and it message contains.

For instance, when someone is listening to sad songs related to their love or life, the listener will be highly in touch with that song connected with their emotions. Likewise, when another person is listening to a heavy metal songs, they might inhibited violated act or aggressive behavior as rock songs bring about rebellion and agitation influence. However, for some people, listening to this type of songs is their way of expressing anger and relieve from pain. Well, it’s actually depends on that person himself on how they interact and influence by the music.

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