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“Education is a powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” –Nelson Mandela- The term education above is having so powerful role for human’s life described by Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa. It means that education has a very important role for everything in this entire world. No human beings are able to survive properly without education. Education tells us how to think, how to work properly, how to cook, how to survive, how to make a decision, etc. through education only one can make separate identity.

It is the most important thing besides our basic needs such as: Clothes, food, shelters or houses. For the first we learn to interact each other, as we know that we are social creature created by God. We learn to make friends because of education too. Since we were enrolled to a school by our parents, we didn’t learn only alphabet, number, reading etc, but we also made friends. We interacted with them with teacher. It shows us how important the role of education is. According to Wardiman Djoyonegoro, the ex of Ministry of Education affair “At least there are three aspects which are able to develop education properly. ) facilities, 2) The quality of the books, 3) professional Teachers and educational staffs”. From the above explanation from Wardiman, I ound it interesting to write about professional teacher and why teacher is being favorite job for me. From Dutch colonization era, there have been the term teacher, so close, so important and seems like spearhead rather than just “a smart and experienced people”. They’re so sharp, so kind even so hard. But that’s a teacher. Being a professional teacher is so interesting and will be respectable.

But it’s not as easy as tearing a paper. It needs a lot of sacrifices, morally and materially. This country needs so many professional teachers and staffs. So that educational development will be as wonderful as snow in the desert. Here some characteristics of professional teacher: Teachers should have a load of energy for their students. They care the students in every conversation or discussion they make with the students Having obvious purposes. They know the purpose each their lesson they will give and work all out to fulfill the purpose.

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Having a good creativity to make the students discipline and having a good class management They are able to communicate with the parents and also keep in touch with the students’ parents. They have a high hope from the students and encourage students to have a good achievement. If we have applied those all, surely we are being favorite teachers and will be respected by all. This is the reason why teacher should be our favorite job. Being a teacher is my decision when I enrolled to my collage STKIP PGRI Jombang.

I decided to be a teacher when I’d graduated from this collage. When I was child, my mom told me that the smartest people is teacher. The president became a president because of teacher. On that time I just imagined how wonderful they are and I decided that teacher would be my dream when I grew up. Hat’s only a piece of funny thought of mine. Now I realize I should be a professional teacher. Why? Looking back at the educational system of Indonesia, it’s so heart-touching when I see there are so many children have no chance to going to school, especially in remote area.

Education now seems just for the high class people. Although there have been a law rule in UUD 1945 about Educational budget is 20%, education is free for the poor people. Thos are so far away if we look back the education in remote area. So how come the government does ask to the citizen to have higher education if the fee is not payable? That’s why I really want to be a teacher in remote area especially. At least I can contribute for my beloved country although I’m not a soldier or police who keep this country.

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