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What is your decision-Pursue teaching profession or NOT. Explain the basis of your decision. I will still pursue the teaching profession no matter what. Although this profession does not have salary high as the other profession still I think teaching is very fulfilling in my part. Why do I choose teaching profession over other profession? I think that even though I will earn not so big salary still I will enjoy teaching. First, I choose this in my own will it is not just anybody told me to take this profession. Second, I love speaking and sharing thought or knowledge to others. Lastly, I love children though.

There also some reasons I choose teaching profession over others, I see my mother and my sister as a role model, a good teacher I think, they are also the very big factor that’s why I’m in this profession today. Teaching requires a very big skills as you step your foot on it, there will come a time you need to be the patience, loving, caring, understandable, etc. NOT only that you have you there your knowledge to teach, but be sure that you love what you’re doing. It is not how much you earn, but it is that you see every student’s smiles, how they thank you as their teacher and the love that the student gives and vice versa.

It’s also fulfilling to a teacher’s heart when they see their student graduating and being a professional someday. Being an Education student today I also want to feel how heart fulfilling teaching is. Salary? It is just a number or money for the people who truly enjoy their work and felt happiness in what you are doing. I want to experience all things in teaching and I so hopeful that I will succeed this profession. I am really praying to God to help me become happy in teaching profession and feel fulfillment on this profession.

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