Bead Bar Network Critical Essay

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The central aim is to observe the business processes and the business organization in place and prove ones analytical skills to understand how the business can be enveloped using a computer network infrastructure for making communication swift and successful sharing of information. The proposed network would entail better communication and save the organization on costs for facilitating one process to get the job done.

The departments concerned would be able to capture and share effectively valuable business information so as to remain synchronized with the latest events and take decisions accordingly saving time and costs.

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Introduction Bead bar concentrate in producing beads jewellery for the customers. They are organized into three divisions’ namely studios, franchises and bead bar on board which demands to be brought to the same page for synchronization of activities. The proposed network design and the appropriate topology which would be an advantage to the firm for ensuring communication and sharing information to keep in synchronization with the current prospects of the business.

The following sections would take up the various network topologies to make the communication feasible and possible with regard to all the physical and network barriers. The network design would provide enough architecture which would give a clear picture of the interconnection of devices and the departments to facilitate the sharing of business information. The final segment discusses the pros and cons of the proposed topology in subject. Background information of Bead Bar: Bead Bar is departmentalized into three divisions namely studios, franchises and bead bar on board.

The current circumstance is incapacitated to link among them and thus creates inconsistencies in information sharing and knowledge about the company as a whole, at any given point of time. A computer network would make possible the process of getting the entire job done for every customer within an affordable time than usual. It would make sure that information regarding ones choice and preferences would be catered and stored for future benefits. The network would enrich the communication among the divisions which in turn would assist greater workability and functionality in operation.

Recommendation overview: The network proposal for the Bead Bar could be surrendered into LAN and WAN. The internal network within the divisions would have a LAN network; however the inter-department contact would be made feasible using WAN as they are geographically separated. The LAN network would make sure to connect the personnel of the particular department itself and the swift communication would be an outcome of it. For the LAN network, switches and hubs are used for connecting the particular division itself and for WAN routers are used for interconnecting each other.

Explanation of the Network Design: The three divisions of the company are interconnected using the network cable in a wired network using both LAN and WAN. Using LAN, the computers are interconnected within the same premises so that all the employees are able to communicate on demand. The head office possess central server where all the information is stored pertaining to all the departments in their database. The other premises are networked using the LAN technologies. The switch is two layered and used to take care of the storing and forwarding mechanism Tanenbaum (2003).

Using WAN the network connections are using the public data services and get connect to internet and using VPN technology, using login credentials. Network Topology: The LAN technology follows a star topology with connecting hubs. The interconnecting devices facilitate the use and sharing of information. Star topology promotes the efficient use of network resources. Advantages of the architecture: • Having a star topology takes less expensive in relation to mesh topology.

• In a star, every device needs only one link and one I/O port to inter-connect with a number of other devices (Forouzan, 2003). • The installation and configuration of the star topology is quite easy and makes possible the effective use of time and need. • The cabling requirement is less in compared with other technologies and any additions, deletions and movement involves only one connection between that device and hub. • Quite robust in nature; if one link fails the other connections do not cease to operate. This factor also enhances the fault identification and fault isolation mechanism.

• As long as the hub is in working condition, the monitoring of links are possible to detect link problems and bypass defective links. • A WAN is used for connecting to the internet so as to get connected with the other departments across geographic locations. • VPN technology is used to so that their develops a secured channel through which the user of the network can establish a secure connection for communication. It would possess proper login credentials for accessing information and makes sure that its encryption technology debars any tapping and illicit use of information.

• The database server would be responsible for storage of all data and information centrally and all the users access the information using their credentials. • The VPN technology makes sure that only authorized users are enabled to access information pertaining to the specified department and others would be debarred from the very system. Drawbacks of the architecture: • The VPN technology is quite expensive to implement and manage. • The expensive nature of the wireless switches and hubs is quite a disadvantage.

• The use of internet as a resource to map their requirements would take lesser cost and make efforts to create a virtual company but security measures must be a challenge to the organization in question. Conclusion The primary objective to inter-connect has been taken into description and the network topology has been elaborated to give shape to the entire network for interconnecting the various divisions in the company. The network architecture for the firm and the drawbacks are carefully noted and examined for their feasibility and cost factors.

The long term evaluation is made and it can be concluded that taking care of the network advantages would benefit the firm in the long run to achieve the amount of customer satisfaction in the long run. Furthermore the topology would be able to manage its resources and make a distinct move towards the very nature of their being. Further up gradations to the network can be managed effectively so that they are taken care for growth and envelopment of their future plans. References/ Bibliography Forouzan A. Behrouz (2003). TCP/IP Protocol Suite, second edition. Tata McGraw Hill. Tanenbaum, A. S (2003). Computer Networks, Pearson Education.

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