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Claudia R Fernandez Informative Speech. Brent Campbell Title: Baking Specific Purpose: To inform audience that although baking requires skill, it can be done easily. Also want to inform audience of the main ingredients that are utilized in every baked good, as well as healthy and low fat alternatives for baking. 1. Introduction: A. Attention Material: I am going to be speaking about my personal interest with baking, when and why it started and developed. B. Tie to the Audience: Speaking about the most common ways of baking, and how I started doing that, then escalated it to the point of making my own recipes.

C. Creditability Material: I have bakes for birthday parties, baby showers, get togethers, and almost every holiday you can think of. D. Preview: I will be sharing with you how to bake the easy way, the basics of baking ( Main Ingredients) which allow you to bake endless pastries, and how to bake healthy, and low in fat. 2. Body: A. Baking does require a lot of skill and patience. However companies have made it very easy for people to bake by just using a couple ingredients through the product essay writer no plagiarism of boxed/ pre packaged mixes.

These companies include: * Duncan Hines * Betty Crocker * Pillsbury * Market Pantry * Great Value, along with various other generic name brands. To name a few, some pre- mixed packages include: * Cake Mix * Cookie Mix * Muffin Mix * Quick Bread * Corn Bread * Biscuits * Brownies B. When it comes to baking, the possibilities are endless, once you become familiar with the general basic ingredients needed for all baking. The basic main ingredients include: * Flour * Sugar * Eggs * Milk/Cream or Water * Oil/Shortening/Butter * Eggs And whichever flavor/extract you want to use. (Ex. Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint, Coffee, Almond etc. ) C. Not all baking has to be unhealthy, or fattening. In general baking does include a large fat content. However, there are many healthy/ low fat ingredients that can be substituted. Here is a list of healthy and/or low fat ingredients that you can utilize as substitutions. Instead of: Healthy Alternative: 1. Butter, Lard, Oil, Shortening Coconut Oil, Applesauce, Mashed Avocado 2.

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Milk, Cream Skim Milk, Almond Milk, Greek Yogurt 3. Eggs Egg Whites, Applesauce 4. Sugar Natural Vanilla Cane, Raw Brown Sugar 3. Conclusion A Final Review: So today I shared with you some useful information when it comes to baking: 1. I informed you of some products available to you that allow you to bake in an easy way. 2. I informed you of the main ingredients utilized when baking 3.

I explained how baking can also be healthy, and low in fat. Tie back to the audience: Pictures of my Baking, and Demonstration: How To Create Your Own Custom Shape Cake. Works Cited: Food Timeline, About Cake Mixes. ( Online ) Available. http://www. foodtimeline. org/foodcakes. html Interview with Jessica Leung, April 4th 2013. Substitute Applesauce for Eggs When Baking for Healthier, Allergy-Free Cakes and Muffins ( Online ) Available. http://lifehacker. com/5846387/substitute-applesauce-for-eggs-when-baking-for-healthier-allergy+free-cakes-and-muffins

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