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Many people nowadays are urged to be aggressive, to get ahead of the rest and to be number one. We are pulled by media toward self-centered pleasures. So many commercials show us a lifestyle of pleasure and according to them can makes us happy. We are most of the time driven by their promises of making us comfortable and beautiful. The products they are advertising may have bad effects on our health that they may not spill out to us for the reason that their products may not be sold.

These products may contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that may lead to diseases and abnormalities in our bodies. An example is the commercial toothpaste. Commercial toothpastes are full of chemicals and some of the ones that you see on your shelves have been shown to contain harmful ingredients. Research has proven that sodium lauryl sulfate or (SLS) found in most toothpastes have a tendency to dry out the lining of your mouth and gums. This can cause gum damage and sores in the mouth because of the acidity in foods and drinks that the lining would normally protect against.

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Statement of the Problem

The study aims to discover the advantages of making your own lemon-flavored toothpaste out of baking soda instead of buying from the market. The study seeks to answer the following questions: What are the advantages that we can get from making toothpaste out of baking soda? What are the effects of making your own toothpaste to those who will be using it? What ingredients or materials help whiten and polish teeth?  What are the other possible flavors that can be added to the toothpaste aside from lemon zest?

Scope and Limitation

The study focuses on the advantages of making your own toothpaste out of baking soda. It is confined on what are the benefits the user can get from making their own toothpaste and how it will affect their teeth health. It does not include the research on the other ways of making your own toothpaste aside from baking soda. Significance of the Study This study will benefit the following: The ordinary people. For them to be informed of the effects of using comm ercial toothpastes. The parents. For them to save money in times they become short and to be sure of the ingredients that go in to their toothpaste.

The teenagers. For them to develop their creativity in making their own toothpaste and for them to know what materials actually help the teeth become healthy. Definition of Terms Toothpaste is a substance for cleaning the teeth in the form of paste. Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, is a leavening agent used in baked goods like cookies or quick breads. Lemon zest are tiny bits of lemon peel Glycerin is a clear, colorless, syrupy liquid that occurs extensively in nature and is naturally found in the cells of plants, animals and humans.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, heavy, strongly oxidizing liquid, H2O2, capable of reacting explosively with combustibles and used principally in aqueous solution as a mild antiseptic, a bleaching agent, an oxidizing agent, and a laboratory reagent. Chapter IV Summary, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendation Summary The study aims to discover the advantages of making your own lemon-flavored toothpaste out of baking soda instead of buying from the market. Toothpaste is a paste or gel dentifrice used with a toothbrush as an accessory to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth.

Most of the commercial toothpastes that can be bought from the market contain harmful ingredients. This can be avoided by making your own toothpaste. To make your own lemon-flavored toothpaste, we will just mix everything up. To make the lemon zest, you will just grate the peel of a lemon by rubbing the lemon on the grater. In adding up the lemon zest, you can experiment on it. It’s the part where you can have fun. We observed that our final product, the lemon flavored toothpaste out of baking soda, became color yellow. After we have tried it, we felt freshness in our teeth.

Also, based on our research, baking soda does really help whiten teeth and in fact, it is an element of most toothpaste and have been approved by the American Dental Association to be a component of most toothpaste. Findings The advantages that we can get from making toothpaste out of baking soda are that, you can know that you are using an all-natural product. These are a more natural alternative and they do a wonderful job at cleaning the m outh. Making your own toothpaste will help you save money and you will have the benefit of knowing the exact ingredients that go into your own toothpaste.

Your toothpaste will not have any artificial ingredients that color it and flavor it. You will be able to avoid sweeteners, artificial ingredients and preservatives simply by making your own toothpaste. The people who would be using their homemade toothpaste will have a chance to show their creativity and personalize their toothpaste. They would be able to know the ingredients that are needed to help whiten teeth. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are the ingredients or materials which help whiten and polish teeth.

Baking soda has a natural cleansing ability and can even be found in some commercial toothpaste. It's non-toxic and will help polish your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide naturally disinfects your mouth and will also help whiten your teeth. Aside from lemon-flavored toothpaste, you can also have any other fruit flavor you may like for your toothpaste. You can also have mint-flavored toothpaste by adding peppermint oil or cinnamon. Conclusion As we are making this project we can conclude that making your own toothpaste have a variety of advantages to the person using it.

The user will have the experience of having fun experimenting what is the best flavor for a toothpaste. Though the taste may not be that desirable, but it do a brilliant job of cleaning and whitening your teeth. We can also conclude that making your own to othpaste can help avoid the harmful ingredients being added to commercial toothpaste. The person who will be using it will be developing a sense of awareness of how baking soda and hydrogen peroxide do such a wonderful job at whitening teeth and polishing teeth. They will also be able to save money and at the same time have fun experimenting.


We recommend you to try and make your own toothpaste whenever you run out of it. You can try making other flavors of toothpaste and personalize it. With the many advantages of making your own toothpaste, you will surely benefit from it. We also recommend that you encourage others to make their own toothpaste and have fun experimenting different flavors for their toothpaste. They may even discover many combinations of flavors that they will be energized to brush their teeth!

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