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Article Review of Smoking

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Addictive items have become one of the most significant health problems. The countries will be affected medical,economical,legal and social effects because of the use of addictive items. In this study is to identify and compare the number of basic students in Germany and Turkey. Turkey is one of the leading tobacco producing countries as well as of the major tobacco consuming countries. Smoking is very addictive and has effects both on economy and health. That is not easy to quit smoking because in statistic only 2-3% of smokers can quit smoking annually.

Many of the adults start smoking at early ages and increase the amount of cigarettes smoked in adulthood. There also people say that smoking is because of personality traits. Up to now,no specific personality traits are identified as a risk for addiction to smoking. The methodology used in this study is survey by using questionnaire. First,the researcher make a sampling. The participants of the study are a total of 1024 German and Turkish basic education.

Second,the data were collected through survey questionnaire because this study is an empirical one. Third,the data obtained were analysed by make use of descriptive statistical techniques,especially in the form of means,frequency and percentage. The findings or results in this study suggests that the rate of both German and Turkish students who frequently and sometimes smoke is higher than expected from their ages. However,the rate of the students who tried to smoke in both sample groups is also interesting.

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Article Review of Smoking

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The findngs also indicate that the rate of the students who stated that their mothers, fathers, friends and teachers smoke is high. However, the rate of mothers and friends who smoke in the Turkish sample is lower than that in the German sample. Although in both sample groups the rate of the students who may try to smoke once is high, this rate varies between the groups. More specifically, the number of the German students who reported that they may try to smoke is much higher in contrast to Turkish participants.

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