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Animal Cruelty Analysis

PETA, or “{People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” is the largest animal rights organization in the world.Along with their website, www.cowsarecool.

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com, PETA and it’s two million followers help spread awareness through education, special events, and even celebrity involvement. They believe animals are here to help the world by means other than food, clothing, and entertainment. Farm animals, are of course, vital to the meat industry. PETA believes that the animals sent to slaughterhouses, are just as compassionate and intelligent as our very own furry friends.

These animals endure harsh conditions, negligence, and mutilation. According to PETA, completely cutting out meat to prevent animal cruelty is the way to go. The vegan lifestyle is also said to provide all the necessary nutrients minus the fats and cholesterol and could potentially add ten years to your life. Majority of leather comes from fur farms in developing countries where animals spend every day suffering from extremely miserable, poor living conditions.

Not only that, but they’re killed in the cruelest of ways; Suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning are the main forms of methods. PETA recently did an investigation in India to find that cows even have their tails broken and chili peppers and tobacco rubbed into their eyes so that they will walk after they collapse while traveling long distances to be skinned alive. PETA says, “With so many fashionable, comfortable options available today, there is no excuse for wearing any animal skins. ”

Circus animals are encouraged to do silly, physically demanding tricks in exchange for dirty, small living spaces, plus a minimal supply of food and water. The animals’ need are usually last simply because businesses are all about money. If they don’t do as they are told, beatings, whippings, and shocks from an electric collar are in store for them. PETA feels that even those kept in zoos, rodeos, and marine parks aren’t living the life they deserve and determined to get animals out of the entertainment business.

The PETA website seemed very well organized and thought out. Even though a bit persuasive, I’ll unfortunately be a carnivore until the day I die. I will, nevertheless, watch out more for those certain clothing materials derived from animal skin. I don’t agree, however, with their opinion on animals used for entertainment purposes- most animals love and value their trainers and are actually very spoiled, happy and healthy animals who aren’t mistreated.

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