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A Discussion About Animals

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There are lots of zoos all over the world. A zoo can be described as the collection of various animal species found in nature.

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A Discussion About Animals

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. Whether animals should be kept in zoos or not,different people have different ideas. Some people are in favor of keeping animals in zoos. However,others argue that keeping animals in zoos ignores animal rights. This essay will discuss the pros and cons of keeping animals in zoos. The main advantage of keeping animals in zoos is that they get saved from dangers of predators. By keeping animals in zoos ensures their safety.

At the same time,animals would be kept away from disease if they were in zoos. Moreover,animals in zoos are provided with proper diet. In jungle life,sometimes many animals have difficulty finding foods. In zoos,zoo keepers supply animals with food at a certain time. The animals would have an increased life p because there are no predators and they will never starve for food. In addition,there are many interesting facilities in the zoo. Animals can use them for fun. Furthermore,keeping animals in zoos is convenient for entertainment of human beings.

Zoos provide a way for people to take a closer look at animals and see how they behave. People visit zoos not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes. Many schools visit zoos to know more about endangered species and the way to conserve them. However,there are also some disadvantages of keeping animals in the zoo. Firstly,it can't be denied that some zoos misuse and violate the animal rights. The workers in some zoos treat animals in a cruel manner. Secondly,animals are kept in zoos for a long time ,they may lose their instinct ability to survive in the natural environment.

Animals are equal to human beings. Nobody can suffer from depriving of liberty. In conclusion,we have no right to keep animals in zoos. In my opinion,it is wrong to keep animals in zoos. We should respect animal rights. Animals can survive in the natural environment by themselves. If human beings want to know more about animals,they can read books and search information on the Internet or watch TV instead of visiting zoos. Keeping animals in zoos is not the only way to conserve endangered species

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