Analysis of the Roots That Created Bigger Thomas

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Thomas, give rise to strident yet silent clues, which will help understand some of the underlying roots that drove Bigger Thomas to submit to a life of criminal activities. The first aspect that contributes to Mr.. Thomas' downfall Is the brutal and unfair racial perceptions of his time. Bigger Thomas is accused of a crime which he did not commit. The rape of a white wealthy woman named Mary. Although Bigger Thomas did not commit the rape, he will always be accused of such behavior for being black. As stated by Bigger himself: " All those white men In a group, guns In their hands, ant be wrong.

I do not know of what but I know that I am no good". Richard Wright wants to show that although what occurs to Bigger Thomas is strictly accidental and innocent, the white man's oppression has the power to turn any black man into a beast, a rapist, and a killer. It is inevitable! In other words, Bigger Thomas represents the black race as a whole, the black man to be more specific. No matter how innocent the black man is at first or at birth, circumstances and life changing events will turn him into what he was preconceived to be: a beast.

The second aspect that contributes to Bigger Thomas' creation and destruction is his family. Bigger Thomas, like most African-Americans of his time, was raised without a father, whether It be through abandonment or unfortunate accident. At an early age, Bigger Thomas Is forced to assume the Father figure of the household. HIS mother's constant disapproval of him as well as his younger sister's criticism weighs heavily on the person he became: a Black man who will never have the respect he deserves from society as well as his family. The third aspect that added to the creation and destruction of Bigger Thomas is he Dalton.

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One symbolic view that supports this idea is the fact that Mrs.. Dalton is blind. She is blind to the social stigma of blackness, prejudices, and injustices around her. Mr.. Dalton on the other hand, even from a good heart, does not realize his contributions to the collapse of many men like Bigger Thomas. Although he views himself as a philanthropist, racial laws that Mr.. Talon's business abides to concerning housing leave the blacks feeling exploited and used. The Dalton do not realize the effect of racism on the oppressed and the effect of racism on the oppressor.

They represent the small percentage of whites that view themselves as advocates for the black race while being completely oblivious to the harm that they are actually causing. Although external stimuli sun as racial prejudices, oppression, ten lack AT respect from society and from his family have a say to the demise of Bigger Thomas, it would be unjust to not also give Bigger his share of responsibility. Bagger's his own person and should be able to see the difference between right or wrong. However, it is clear that growing up in the circumstances that Bigger Thomas did, one could say he never stood a chance in hell.

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