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As Planes Get Bigger, the Marketplace Gets More Competitive

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Q1: Have you, or anyone you know, experienced a situation similar to those described, where the marketing organization exceeded your service expectations? If so, what do you think of the company now? Yes, I have a experienced a situation that a marketing organization exceeded my service expectation. There was a catering firm in my hometown. Both the service and the taste of food were the best because of some good waiters and the top chefs, Whereas the price was relatively lower than other catering firms. As a result, it exceeded my expectation. I think that the catering firm has attracted more new customers because of its opprobrium now. Regular customer can come again because of good service and fine food.

Q2. Do you think that any and every employee can be trained to want to give good service? If so, what form might that training take? If not, what should a company do if it encounters major resistance?

Not every employee can be trained to want to give good service. To overcome major resistance, the marketing organization may change its strategy to raise the job satisfaction of the employee and increase the productivity. Organization should employ some people who like this job. In addition, employees who are not eligibility should be trained again.

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Q3. Do you believe that customers are becoming more demanding? If they are too demanding, what might be the outcome for marketing organization?

Yes, I believe that customers are become more demanding because some consumers who are high-income earners and better educated are indulged in good service. Marketing organizations need to offer the better service for their consumers Therefore, employees should receive the best training to improve their service quality.

Q4. Might marketing organizations be taking risks by raising customer expectations too high?

Yes, marketing organizations may take risks when raising customer expectations.

High expectations mean that marketing organizations would rise to the challenge to achieve the customer satisfaction. When marketing organizations cannot satisfy customers expect, the relationship between company and customer would break. As a result, marketing organizations may take risks.

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