An Argument that Shaming Will Prevent Sexting Among Students

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Last Updated: 31 Jan 2023
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Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. In modern society we have a lot of strange problems. Kings Park High School has a serious "sexting" problem. Sexting is when two or more people partake in sending sexually explicit photographs or messages. The photographs are the most substantial concern.

Typically a girl sends a nude picture to her boyfriend; They break up and he sends it to all his friends. Now the entire school has seen this girl naked. The girls understand what could happen but it does not scare them enough not to send the pictures. A new rule in Kings Park High School will be that if a student sends out a naked picture, He or she will be shamed by the entire school. Another problem is that the girls think they can trust the person that they send the picture to. Hopefully this will convince students to keep their picture to themselves.

Students are increasingly sending out naked pictures. A lot of the time, it is a result of peer pressure from boyfriends or just friends that are boys. The girls give in and send the picture because they think it will make boys like them or because it makes them look sexy. There is nothing sexy about the entire school seeing you naked. Students who receive the sext often get punished.

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An incident in 2010 resulted in students getting detentions for receiving a picture that they did not ask for. Why should the person receiving the naked photograph of a girl get punished while the sender of the picture does not get punished? Many people in school are grossly effected by sexting.

39 percent of all teenagers in America have participated in some form of sexting. Knowing that your school is full of trashy girls who can not keep their pictures to themselves is not very comforting. It makes us look bad that our town is full of these floozy girls. It makes the town as a whole look wayward even when half of us have never participated in sexting. Sending promiscuous messages and explicit photos to other students is simply unacceptable.

It seems that detentions and suspensions do not teach these girls lessons. The girls sending the pictures continue to send them. Another issue is the original recipient of the photograph sending it to other students. Typically girls send the picture to a person whom they trust.

A new punishment in the Kings Park High School for sexting is to shame both the girl who sent it and the person who sends it to everyone else. If a student sends a picture of themselves nude, they will have to bare all. Sending a naked picture of yourself is basically an invitation for everyone to see your body. That student will no longer be permitted to wear clothes in school. The accused student will have to stand nude in front of the entire cafeteria everyday while students make fun of them.

There will be no respect for that student. The person who sent the picture to other people will have to have a picture of themselves naked printed and posted in the lobby for all to laugh at. Both situations are extremely embarrassing and result in a loss of respect. The administration will have to enforce these rules after proving the students guilty. To prove a student guilty the principal would have to see the picture.

Any student would be ashamed of themselves if they had to show the principal the naked picture they took of themselves and sent out. In addition, the person who spread the photograph will have to confess to being the one to send it out. This person would lose all trust that anyone has given him. Anybody would be ashamed of themselves if they lost all their friends, were made fun of everyday, and had to feel uncomfortable everywhere they went.

Shame is a very powerful feeling. One person being shamed can scare everyone else into obeying the laws. Sexting is a very serious matter. It is not only embarrassing for the person who sent the picture but for everyone associated with the person who sent it. We must come together and make sure that the sexting in Kings Park comes to an immediate halt. All it takes is one harsh punishment to scare others into behaving. Public punishment is the best way to end rowdy behavior. Students in Kings Park High School will very quickly learn to cover their bodies and keep them private.

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