American vs. French Revolution

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Compare and Contrast Essay American vs. French Revolution Throughout the years, our world has faced drastic and far-reaching changes in the way people think and behave. Countries have managed to constantly change their way of viewing things and started by placing action of what they thought. Two great examples about these conversions are the American and the French Revolution. This times in history, where vital for the formation of nations all over the world and was able to leave a legacy until today.

Whereas some people consider these changes as minimal, the American and French Revolution changed the way governments were formed around the world. The French Revolution started in France 1789 which turn out to be a period of radical social and political up heal in France. France was left really poor after helping with the American Revolution a few years before. One of the main conflicts found between the government and the people was that they were charging the poor for taxes while the nobles weren’t paying at all. When the citizens realized it, the governed decided to overthrow the government which at this time was ruled by Louis XVI.

More and more people joined the opposition to the existing governing constitution. The Girondin was one of the most important devices in the French revolution due to the fact that many executions of the national party took place there. It was considered a scary time in the country because of the many executions that were held to back up any revolutionary activities. A few years later, Napoleon Bonaparte established an end to the revolution by declaring himself the ‘First consul’ of France, however didn’t quite develop a stable government for later.

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In the other hand, the American Revolution years earlier back in 1775. The main reason for why this war took place was because the 13 American colonies wanted to break apart from their “mother land”, Great Britain. Unlike the French, the American battle was fought as a war with guns and canons in where troops seize to obtain power for their country. After 3 years of war, the French and the United States created the Franco-American Alliance in 1778. This was one more step towards the Americans gaining power over their land.

This finally concluded in 1783 when they signed the Treaty of Paris which ended the war. However, Independence Day in the United States is celebrated the 4th of July because that same date back in 1776 was when the famous piece written by Thomas Jefferson was signed by the one of the most important people in American history. The declaration stated their freedom as a legit nation and grants them the title of the United States of Americas. As you can see, both revolutions have their differences among with their similarities.

One of the obvious ones is that the American Revolution was the one who created this revolutionary movement in world history and inspired other nations who were struggling for their rights (in this case France). France returned them the favor of inspiration by helping them fight against the British and contributing in what was needed. Another similarity was that they both had a written piece (Declaration of Independence and The rights of man) which introduced how the people wanted to be treated. In this fight for what the people believed was right, I’m sure you noticed various differences among the two.

First of all, the American Revolution took place an ocean away from the country of origin and the French Revolution was held in France itself. Another difference mentioned before is that the American Revolution was developed through war and battle. France in the other hand was more of executions and conflicts between the people and the government. One of the most important contrarieties was that the United States incarnated America as a state of democracy and created a long lasting government that is still held today.

The French tried to do something similar however they weren’t able to. As you can see, the Revolutions, with their differences and similarities, managed to reform their countries in their own way. Weather it was through war or through executions, the people managed to say how they wanted to be ruled and accomplished it. In my opinion I think that the revolutions were and will continue to be one of the most important events in world history and that we will forever have an effect on how our world can behave.

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