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American Jury System

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Sahleh Wafayee Judge Brent Carr Court Systems And Practices American Jury System The Court System is the most important of the criminal justice system because it finds whether a person is guilty or not guilty. The United States Court system has provided order and justice for the United States of America. The court system was made to make sure all citizens are receiving a fair trial despite gender, race, color, national origin, or religion. Each of the fifty states has its own state constitution and governmental structure.

The court system is made up of laws, statue, and codes. President George Washington signed a law on September 24, 1789 called The Judiciary Act. This law established the jurisdiction and constructed the federal court system of the federal court system and made the attorney general position. The Court system is made up of many laws. The 1st and oldest federal law is the Constitutional law. This law is created in 1787 and is the oldest law. This law is held very high because it cannot be duplicated. The Statutory law is another made that is similar to the judicial law.

Statutory laws are made by legal cases, which mean when a judge rules on a case; it becomes law on all future cases that are similar. The Administrative Law is another source of law that is known as the regulatory law. This law governs both state and federal agencies. With these sources of laws in the United States, the regulations have numerous aspects. Common Laws were also created in the court system and were originated in England. These laws were made to be a factor in civil, property, and contract cases. Common law was made by judges through decisions of the courts.

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A common law system follows the policy of stare decisis. The Court system is made up of many levels. There are 3 structures of the federal courts. The district courts, Courts of Appeals (appellate court) and Supreme Courts are made up in the federal court system. The appellate courts have no original jurisdiction. This court hears appeals from district courts and from federal agencies. The Federal Court system is a complex system for trying cases within the guidelines set forth by the United States Constitution and Congress. Federal Courts are imited in the types of cases in which they can preside over. They can only hear cases which involve diversity in citizenship or a federal question. Diversity of citizenship is when there is an issue between two parties who are located in different states but also cases that involve other countries. A federal question is when one of the parties involved in the case has an issue regarding a federal law or statute. Courts are made to find the purpose of their jurisdiction. Federal courts have special jurisdiction over bankruptcy claims against the U. S and duplicated cases.

This is the reason why special federal courts are just trial courts with limited jurisdiction. The Federal District Courts were made because it is the biggest class of federal courts that are able to maintain and handle multiple strengths of cases. Because the district court is a trial court you can have criminal and civil cases as long as they meet certain criteria. The Federal Courts of Appeal was developed to relieve the Supreme Court of hard difficult cases. They look at the decisions made by the lower courts and overturn and make a new decision.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States. The purpose of the Supreme Court is to make sure that the laws and decision that are made in the United States are constitutional. The Supreme Court protects the constitution and what it stands for. In some situations the federal courts may appeal the case and it is going to get reviewed. State Courts handle cases for residents with inside/border of the state. Inferior/Civil Courts are known as small courts with small jurisdiction. This court is considered to hear minor criminal offenses and disputes between citizens.

This can be considered a civil suit between property or anything that has to do with any civilian A Courts of Original General Jurisdiction is where a case is first tried. There is no appeal because the case has not retired. This court is called a trial court because they hear witnesses, receive evidence, and they try the case. Everything that happened in the trial is kept as a permanent record. Every state in the United State provide a state court of appeals, which is called Appellate Courts. People who are dissatisfied with the final judgment or think that the ruling was unfair can appeal their case.

Usually the people that appeal are the ones convicted of murder or getting a death penalty. Defendants can always have many rights. They have the right to have a fair trial, represent an attorney, and to plead guilty or not guilty. Defense attorneys can assist clients throughout the trial. The attorney can give advice to the client and help with the prosecution. The attorney can give out all the evidence to drop charges against the client. Attorneys can give you advice to whether plead guilty, not guilty or no contest.

They can also try and reduce your bail. Attorneys recommended trying to get a plea bargain to where you can get a reduce punishment if you know you’re going to get convicted. They can also try and reduce your bail. The main things of the court system are protecting individuals, upholding the law, reinforcing social norms, and resolving disputes. The United States Constitution was written to protect the people of the United States of America from its own government and to protect individual’s freedom and liberties and in criminal cases.

The Constitution was made and designs to protect individual’s freedom and liberties. Without the court system the United States would be corrupt and many people would never get a fair trial. The court system is where everything goes to trial to prove whether there either guilty or not guilty. Resources http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jury_trial http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Appellate_court http://www. littletongov. org/court/rights. asp http://www. wisegeek. com/what-does-an-attorney-do. htm#lbss http://www. attorneys. com/criminal-defense/what-do-criminal-defense-attorneys-do/

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