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Al Batha Group in global acquisition buys 40% of Malaysian Bukit Kiara

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The title of the article is “Al Batha Group in global acquisition buys 40% of Malaysian Bukit Kiara”. The entire article revolves around the strategic decision of Al Batha to expand its operations across the international markets. The global acquisition was of a boutique real estate of Malaysia named Bukit Kiara. In this acquisition about 40% of the capital was acquired by Al Batha.

This acquisition would change the name of the company and the new Malaysian company after the acquisition would be named as Al Bartha Bukit Kiara Holdings Sdn Bhd (ABBK). The total proportions of the holdings after the aquitsion are 40% to AL Batha Group and 60% to Bukit Kiara group. The signing ceremony was held in Dubai and it was decided in the press conference that the new business entity would undertake the property developments in both the countries that is Malaysia and UAE. The acquisition or in a broader aspect one can say that it is a negotiation between two companies was held because both the organizations share similar interest and that is the reason why both the companies has accepted to the negotiation.

The portfolio of Al Batha group is quite diverse and it contains more than 20 companies and these companies are quite diverse in nature. The companies of Al Batha group ranges from pharmaceuticals, electronics, FMCG, education, manufacturing and etc. As far as the employment of people is concerned the group employees more than 4,500. The ceremony of acquisition was attended by more than 150 people and 90 delegates of Malaysia. The negation between the two companies initiated because both the companies share same technological structure, values and business ethics.

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This negotiation is a great example of integrity and both the companies comply with the international rules of business and both the organizations stress a lot on business ethics. This giant negotiation between the two companies will result in the development of eight companies that are actually related to property development and these companies were owned by the Malaysian group. Both the companies have amalgamated their interest and the upper hierarchy members of both the organization are quite happy with this negotiation. This merger between Al Batha and Bukit Kiara can be considered as a one of the best example of negation and globalization. The organization has realized that Al Batha Group was a better off in the apartment units rather than a co developer. The Malaysian company believed that since we offer good value to our customers that is the reason why Al Batha Group formed a merger. Both the organization share similar values and both the companies believed that after the merger they can make reasonable profit and both the organizations are not targeting in making inflating profits (AME Info, 2008).

This article stresses on the negotiating situation that has occurred in a global context. This article can be considered as one of the examples of international acquisition that is based on globalization. For full filling their mutual interest and to gain long term benefits both the organizations of Malaysia and UAE amalgamated together.

AME Info. (2008, October 21). Al Batha Group in global acquisition, buys 40% of Malaysian Bukit Kiara. Retrieved April 4, 2009, from

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