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Al Ain Municipality as a Case Study of HR Function

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The aim of this research paper is to discuss five human resource functions of Al Ain Municipality that is one of the most significant and prominent organization of United Arab Emirates.

The basic theme of this paper is the fact that the human resource functions of any organization relates to every department of that particular organization and this is the main reason that without the comprehensive understanding of organization and its functioning, the human resource functions can’t be completely understood.

In order to remove the ambiguities in understanding of the basic aim of paper, it is mandatory to completely analyze the basic vision and theme of organization, its organizational strategies and the structure of Al Ain Municipality. After the detailed discussion, the paper accentuates on five of the most significant functions and operation of Al Ain Municipality.

The paper follows a procedural methodology; the first step in this regard is the introduction to organization.

The introduction accentuates on different facts related to the municipal organization.

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Al Ain Municipality as a Case Study of HR Function

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. Then the paper performs the critical analysis of the position of this organization and comparison of its status with other municipal organizations of the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, it also discusses the outstanding characteristics and distinguishing features of this municipal organization that makes Al Ain Municipality stand apart among the other municipal organization of the world. In addition to that it also shed light about the fact that how the organization has perfectly blended its traditional heritage, culture, history, ethics and values in the aims and objectives of the organization.

Moreover, it also describes the results of effects of not forgetting the cultural and ethical identity of the place and making it one of the basic themes of Al Ain Municipality. These practices sure have bore fruits and the paper discusses the evident results of these exercises as well.

A brief history of Al Ain Municipality follows the discussion of organization. It sheds light on the establishment of this municipal organization and the development and progress phases to which the organization have undergone at different times in order to enjoy its current position.

The history also enlightens about the fact that the organization was not a governmental body until some point of time, and then it emerged as one of the most significant municipal organizations of the world being a governmental body and it still enjoys the position with the same status.

The paper then proceeds towards the organizational structure. One major point in this regard that Al Ain Municipality has the organizational structure that follows the lead of a general manager; this setup is different from those of organizational structures of municipalities where the leadership is in the hands of different councils or committees. The paper accentuates on the advantages and benefits of having a general manager as the top level of organizational hierarchy over the conventional modes of organizational structure in municipal organizations as that of councils and committees.

Then there exists different independent bodies that performs their respective jobs and operations and then directly report to the general manager. The paper does quick review about these bodies and then comes to most significant sectors or areas of Al Ain Municipality. These six departments are the building blocks or backbone of this municipal organization and in order to completely understand the nature of organization and comprehend its organization structure, the detailed discussion of these six areas is very crucial.

The paper develops a procedural method in discussing these departments and also includes the flow chart of flow of control within the organizational structure. The departments, sectors or areas are have different sub-sectors and each of these subsectors is unique with respect to the services it render or support it provides to the clients and customer, which are the citizens or residents of Al Ain City and the areas adjacent to Al Ain City.

The paper then move forwards towards the strategic objectives of the organization. This study is very necessary as the functions of human resource shares connection with the strategic objectives of any municipal organization.

The paper depicts that the first and foremost objective of Al Ain Municipality is the development, maintenance and sustaining of town or urban planning as the urban areas are more prone to deliver the greater economical advantages as compared to rural areas. The second strategic objective of this municipal organization is the fact that there is no success possible without delivering excellent and highly efficient services to the customers therefore, the second strategic objective is to provide improved services to the clients every time as to maintain and enhance the quality of living standards in Al Ain City and its outskirts.

The paper points out that the third strategic objective is to improve the overall performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the system as when the system is highly efficient it would create more opportunities for the employees to give better output to their customers or clients.

It also highlights the virtues of sense of responsibility, transparency, and accountability that are the significant part of strategic objectives of the Al Ain Municipality. These virtues roots back to the ethical and cultural heritage of the region and the fact that these virtues when applied on the overall organizational system yield remarkable results make it even more significant for Al Ain Municipality.

The paper also reflect that it one of the strategic objectives of Al Ain Municipality to promote partnerships, encourage both foreign and local investments  and alleviate other business opportunities as to emerge on the global level as one of the most substantial municipal organization.

The paper also describes that another important strategic objective of the case under study is the fact that Al Ain Municipality regards the leadership and abide by its decision as the organization feels proud of the manner it is led. Moreover, it also accentuates on having effective and efficient human resource department as the organization with industrious and effective human resource sector is most likely to succeed even in the worst of situations and scenarios.

The paper then discusses and analyzes the major HR Functions in Al Ain Municipality. The basic theme of these human resource functions stems to the discussion of strategic objectives, values of organization, its structure and mission statement of Al Ain Municipality.

This is the reason that the paper has discussed these points in such enormous detail. The Human resource functions discussed are recruitment and selection, employee training and development…

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