Creating a Personnel Replacement Chart: Traditional and Detailed Approaches

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Because we cannot provide ARÊTE'S personnel replacement chart we have made our own overview which we belief that must be a little similar to not only AIRTIME but also all other companies in BANGLADESH. The above figure has 2 approaches they are: Approach 1 The first is the traditional approach. Create a chart for each work group similar to the one shown in Figure 1. For each worker, identify at least three back-ups.

Indicate by a code whether each worker can do the whole Job at present or if the individual needs additional training. (A typical code is RAN = Ready now as a replacement; RI ? Needs six months of on the Job development to be ready; and RE = Needs one year of on-the-Job development. ) Next to the code, managers can indicate what additional training or practical experience might be needed so that the worker can successfully perform all aspects of the work. This chart can be drafted in a group setting or by a manager and then shared more widely for reaction and improvement. Approach 2

The second is a more detailed approach and is based on the so-called DIDACTIC Developing a Curriculum. (For more detailed information about the approach, see http://www. Dacca. Org. ) While DIDACTIC has traditionally been used to pinpoint the work activities of one Job or occupation, it can also be more creatively used to list all the work activities of a department or division. DIDACTIC is quite simple. Think of it as based on structured brainstorming. Call all the workers of a department or staff unit together?that can be done by shift?and ask them what they do every day regardless of their respective Jobs.

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Place each work activity, beginning with a verb, on a single sheet of paper and post it on a wall for everyone to see. (Examples of work activities might include "meets with prospective donors," "advises the programming board," or "updates the website. ") When conducting a DIDACTIC session, it is most useful for one person to facilitate and several others to write down the work activities and post them on the wall. Once the brainstorming is finished, the activities can be organized into categories. The result of this session will be a map of all the work activities?essentially, a unimpressive Job description?of a unit or department.

Once that (perhaps lengthy) list of work activities has been identified, it is then possible to examine each task to indicate which employees?and how many?perform those activities. Such a comprehensive list of work activities can guide cross-training and on-the-Job training to plan replacements. This approach can also be helpful in identifying and attempting to eliminate time-wasting work activities. It can also reduce the time it takes to train replacements by making clear exactly what work is done. The Job map can be translated into a checklist to guide, and effectively accelerate, on-the-Job cross-training.

Such documentation of training will then aid managers in holding employees accountable for knowing what to do. Promotion means to give a higher position, status, salary and responsibility to the employee. So, the vacancy can be filled by promoting a suitable candidate from the same organization. TRANSFER: Transfer means a change in the place of employment without any change in the position, status, salary and responsibility of the employee. So, the vacancy can e filled by transferring a suitable candidate from the same organization.

REHIRING: The employees who have retired from the Job but they are rehired for their contribution and experience also the employee who leave the Job for a long period they also rehired if they apply to the organization internally. JOB POSTING: The major means for recruiting employees for other Jobs within the organization is a Job posting system. Job posting is a system in which the employer provides notices of Job openings and employees respond by applying for specific openings. The organization can notify employees of all Job vacancies by posting deices, circulating publications or in some other way inviting employees to apply for jabs.

In a unionized organization, Job posting and bidding can be quite formal; the procedure often is spelled out in the labor agreement. Is an organization that always focus on internal recruitment, promotions and transfers. They always motivate the internal employees to their career path in right way in AIRTIME. They always show them the right system so that AIRTIME can get their loyal employee and most importantly can recruit their employees internally which cost effective also. Promotion and transfer is highly appreciated in AIRTIME. They promote their employees and sometimes transfer them to other places with facilities.

To get promote or to get promotion with transfer the employees must be eligible for some criteria. They are: They have to be on-roll employee of AIRTIME Ltd. Or its subsidiaries; For Brand S - have had at least 12 months of continuous service with AIRTIME services ; For Brand F/SMS, 1&2 - have had at least 18 months of continuous service with AIRTIME or one of its subsidiaries; Form Brand 3 & above - have had at least 24 months of continuous service with AIRTIME or one of its subsidiaries; Have spent at or a Job in another business unit or at another location within the company.

Is case if an employee has changed location in the same circle while doing the same Job/role, he/she will be eligible to apply for the UP; Is cases where an employee has accepted a position as a consequence of organization changes, the employee in addition to satisfying the above conditions also needs to spends at least 6 months in the position before he/she is eligible of the UP; For the purpose of counting the minimum tenure as required above the following do not constitute a role change: Additional Jobs added on the existing Job;

Job change within the same vertical in a function continuing to report to the same position or manager; Job name change, if the primary duties remain the same; A promotion with no change in responsibilities; Have been rated other than the following ratings 'ALL', 'ALL', 'ALL' in their least performance appraisal in case of Band 1 and above employees; Have been rated other than the 'AH' rating in their latest performance appraisal in case of Band F, SMS and below employee; This is not applicable to young leaders in their first year training.

In addition of fulfilling the above eligibility criteria, in case of a manager electing a candidate from his immediate (6 months) ex-team, he needs to take the consent of the current manager of the team. AIRTIME focuses more in rehiring. Because they belief that hiring an old employee than a new employee is far more better. Because the old employee knows a lot about the organization also knows the tradition and the culture of the organization and also it is cost effective. To rehire AIRTIME has some guideline.

An ex-employee can be considered for re-hiring if: He/she has resigned voluntarily during his/her previous tenure; Must not have obtained performance rating of 'ALL/ALL/ALL or AH' in the appraisal cycle before leaving the service of the company. To be considered for rehiring, an ex-employee has to apply for an open position after the period of recall specified in the following clause has passed and got selected for the same after going through the selection procedure.

An employee who had been laid off shall be considered as re-hired when the position he/she has applied for and got selected is different from the position help prior to layoff in the same or different unit, where essential functions, requirements ND/or conditions of employment differ from the position help prior to layoff. From Competition: Re-hiring of ex-employees from competition (I. E.

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