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A view from the future and the medieval ages

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The great publicist of the enlightenment, Voltaire, even while he advocated the widening of historical inquiry to embrace social and economic activities and their effect, strongly believed that any objects worthy of historical study were the peeks not the valleys of the achievements of mankind. l This statement shows that among the civilization that rose, the western civilization is always ahead of the other societies. There is an assumption that western civilization are progressive than Asians. In comparison to the medieval world, view, however believed in a fixed order of things and was theocratic.

It is true that the western civilization started the economic and social activity through the Industrial revolution. The industrial revolution began at the United Kingdom in 1750-1850 and spread to the Germany, United States and the rest of the Europe in 1850 - 1950. And in 19502050 it expand through Asia and Brazil . lt also started the massive release of additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the comparison between Industrial Revolution and French revolution, we can see that the two have similarities.

The French Revolution was a transformation in society and political. In the start of French Revolution, France becomes a monarchy. The Industrial revolution was resulted to transform agricultural economies to industrial. But it also changed the whole society. The social changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution were significant. As economic activities in many communities moved from agriculture to manufacturing, production shifted from its traditional locations in the home and the small workshop to factories.

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Large portions of the population relocated from the countryside to the towns and cities where manufacturing Duchesne,Ricardo, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, KoninkliJke, Brill NV,2011 PASCUA, Diane JOY T. 2013-63299 enters were found. New groups of investors, businesspeople, and managers took financial risks and reaped great rewards. 2 There is also similarity in the Dark Ages and in the Industrial Revolution in social stratification. In the Dark Ages, Feudalism flourished in the Western Europe. It is a specific kind of decentralized government which started in Western Europe in ninth century to thirteenth. Three elements are considered in the classical Feudalism; the decentralized of government and law. 4 The lord is the most powerful in this stratification. They are the one who holds the power in economic aspects. In some cases, some lords are more powerful than the kings. While in the Industrial Revolution, industrialists, bankers and political leaders govern over the ordinary people. Industrialists hold the power in Economic aspects and they also "control" the political system because of the wealth. We can see that the power in this time is in hands of the wealthy.

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