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A Tragedy Revealed: A Heroines Last Days

A Tragedy Revealed: A Heroines Last Days Today you are going to read an amazing story wrote by a man named Ernst Schnable, this story is about a young girl named Anne Frank.Anne Frank lives in Amsterdam.Anne and her family must go into hiding at the Secret Annex to hide from the Nazi’s.

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After two years of hiding they are found and taken away to a concentration camps. Today I will be telling you about Anne and some characteristics about her. Anne is very confident, energetic, and also very caring.

Anne is confidant in many ways, she is confident because when things go wrong or people start to think negative Anne stays strong, and positive. Anne always sees things on the bright side why think negative when you can think about things in a positive way. Anne also does not give up when she is taken away from her family and friends and sent away to a concentration camp. While Anne is away at the concentration camp she is kind of happy to be there because she gets to feel the cool breeze, smell the air, and see the sky.

When other people saw how confident Anne was they thought why not be confident to and have hope in being free soon. Anne is energetic because she is always talking, smiling, and playing around trying to have some fun. Before Anne went to the Secret Annex, she went to school and did normal things just as we do now. One day while she was at school she was talking so much that her teacher called her Ms. Quack Quack. Even though Anne has went into hiding she still trys to have some fun, though she must be quiet all day she still manages to have fun in any way possible.

Anne is also caring because she loves to be around people. She always loves to help anyone when they are in need of something. Though at times Anne may argue with her mother about helping her do house work Anne really has a soft heart. The one thing that I found very touching was that Anne stayed by her sister Margot’s side the whole time she was ill until she passed away. Now you know some characteristics about Anne Frank, but their are many more than just the three I have listed. I recommend this story to any age or skill level reader.

This story teaches you a lesson on what we should think about people and things, and that we should take a second look at the different things in life. I hope this story will delight you as how she did me, and to imagine what she felt when she was in this situation, and try to relate with one of your own experiences. I hope you enjoy this lovely story about a girl named Anne Frank. Also think of other characteristic than just confident, energetic, and caring, and see the bright side of things as did Anne. Do pass on this story as a reminder that threw good or bad everything happens for a reason.

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