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A Sermon Review

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The preacher’s approach in delivering his sermon was rather argumentative than expository. The first two main points were built around sub-points which argued that God never change. First, unlike man and everything on earth that alters changes, the preacher says “God is perpetually the same.”

Although we do not know what substance that is which we call God, the preacher emphasized that his essence never change. Second, Spurgeons Argued that God’s attribute never changes. He meant that God’s moral attributes such as his mighty power, his omnipotence, his wisdom, and all the powers of God during the beginning of the world never ever changes even with the passing of time.

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A Sermon Review

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God is ever the same and he never grow old, He never becomes weak nor has his power diminished as the time passed. Third, the preacher argues that God’s plan never changed. That is, his plan for the world and for every creations including the human beings and He is set to fulfill his plan.

The fourth sub-point talks about God’s promises in which Spurgeons argued that God never change his promises. That we can count on God’s promise and the best way of living in this world is to trust in God’s promises.

Finally, Spurgeons argued that God is unchanging in his threatenings against ungodly and sinners. That is, when God says “Those who will not believe shall be damned” and when they are thrown to hell, it will forever and will never ever change despite of the passing of million ages.

The preacher emphasized that God’s unchanging character is a depiction of God’s perfection and eternity. That is, if God changes, He could not be perfect anymore and he could not also be eternal. Spurgeons also argued that God as infinite being sees to it that all his words in the past are fulfilled despite of times that passed. Citing the towns and cities that God said will fall, and it happened, it means that God promises and the fulfillment of his words transcend beyond time and ages.

The content and breadth of the sermon

            The content and breadth of the sermon was more of a devotional rather than theological although the sermon also reflects significant theological issues. However, it appears that the content of the sermon was not meant to give a lecture on theology but to emphasize on God’s immutable characteristic so that we can trust God for He is a very reliable God. That is, the sermon was intended to strengthen the faith of the congregation rather that to feed them with theological arguments.

The context by which the sermon was given was the period of the great industrialization which means that people during this period were amazed by the introduction of new technologies. This was the time when people look at knowledge as power. In view of this, I could say that the breadth of the sermon was deep and sound with the preacher contending that despite of everything that was coming out of society, God is still the same powerful God and everyone must heed his words and threatening.

The depth of his sermon

The depth of his sermon as it appears to me was just fit to the situation and to need of the people during his time. The sermon was neither narrow nor too deep but was more practical and easy to understand even by the least educated listener. Nevertheless the sermon was powerful enough to convince the listeners that God do exist eternally, that He never change, and that we could hold on to his promises.

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