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The Problem and Its Background Introduction Fraternity nowadays is very popular in Universities, Colleges, and Communities. Some of them have their own experience in a Fraternity. In a Certain University here in Philippines there are some Known Fraternity such as Tau Gamma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Rho etc. ut this Fraternities are much known by the Students than the Administrators of the Schools. There are different types of discrimination. Black people in America experienced it as well as Asians, Cubans, Mexicans and other non-American living there. It is commonly called racial discrimination. People with physical deformities suffer the so-called physical discrimination. People who belong to the third sex are also victims of such cruelty. Now, new sets of victims have risen. They are the students who member of fraternities and sororities.

Discrimination of fraternities and sororities arise because other people think that these fraternities and sororities only cause troubles, which the members do not agree with. Those students who join the fraternities or sororities are not merely looking for trouble but there are deeper reasons, like to have a group they can call their own, to experience good camaraderie, brotherhood and sisterhood and to have lots of friends. These are a fact that others do not see, that is why they jump into conclusion that fraternities and sororities cause trouble so they deserve to be discriminated.

We all know that discrimination has many effects on the life of an individual. This study the researcher is out for the truth. This researchers carries the purpose of finding out the effects of fraternity and sorority discrimination.

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Statement of the problem

This study will seek answers to the following questions.

  1. Why do college students who are involved in fraternity or sorority discriminated in school?
  2. What are the main reasons why they joined fraternity or sorority?
  3. What are the advantages in joining fraternity or sorority?
  4. What are the disadvantages in joining fraternity or sorority?

Objectives of the study

General Objective

The main objective of the study to determine the problems encountered by the membership in fraternities. Specifically, this study aims: 1

  1. To find out why to join Fraternity
  2. To be aware about the Problems such Organizations undergo
  3. To identify the nature of brotherhood and sisterhood as Fraternities and sororities
  4. To have a knowledge about the Basic
  5. To know the advantages and disadvantages of Fraternity

Significance of the study

This study signifies that..

  • Expose the discrimination experienced by the students who are involved in fraternities and sororities in school. Correct the misconception people have regarding these fraternities or sororities.
  • Inform students about the positive and negative effects of joining the fraternity or sorority.
  • Give an overview why students want to join fraternity or sorority.


These are the reasons why students joined a fraternity and sorority, and there are fraternities and sorority members who are responsible and can perform well in school. There are fraternities and sororities who can help students develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. And there are fraternity and sorority who can give protection and support to its members.

There are preventive measures that can be done when someone wants to join a fraternity or sorority. There are fraternity or sorority who conducts physical initiations rites. And there are possibilities that when a students joined a fraternity or sorority, his social life and attitude will change. Scope and delimitations This study will deal only problem faced by being a fraternity member on the life of a student in selected college/university. This will be done through interviewing 20 members and non-members of different fraternities or sororities in four different colleges/universities namely, St James College Of Q. C, University of Santo Tomas, Our Lady of Fatima University, and Centro Escolar University. Chapter II Review of Related Literature and Studies This chapter will discuss on the information that have significant bearing on the process and discussion of research.. According to the “Webster Dictionary Encyclopedia Edition. ”, fraternity is an organization for social or other purposes of student in colleges who usually have the Greek letter names and secret rites, and represented by chapters in many Institutions. Fraternities were established with an avowed purpose of offering friendship, leadership, nspiration, guidance and services to the students and other people As well. College fraternities. Are far more ahead from their contemporary high school Fraternities, in some colleges, forming an organization or fraternity is legal, because of the fact that the members, whether students or alumni, the advantages of fraternal organizations are not only astounding but self evident. They believe that it helps maintain the high-quality attitude of the campus and strengthen the function of higher education in social mobility. But not all fraternities have the same outcome in other campus.

According to the article of Alfred McClung, to non members, their disadvantages are overwhelming, and their presence on the campus is regarded as hurtful and hostile to the objective of higher education, they believe that fraternity members are war freaks, cause nothing but trouble in the school that they are in, in that same article, the point of school authorities, fraternities have served no good, they have been continual source of problems for disciplinary officers and administrations of the campus, Forming a fraternity is therefore prohibited. According to William S. Carlson, the liabilities of fraternities in student’s life are ery different in kind and severity from one campus to another, the most negative criticisms are directed toward those on the large, heterogeneous campuses, where there are the highest contrast in economic origin, social consciousness, social skills and competence. The lack of security in social relations is therefore the greatest concern to the student, parents and school administrators, however, banning fraternities as many schools now ban them has really forced this fraternities to go underground but there are still some fraternities, which are recognized by the school authorities and students but not ecognized by the school administrators, In an article entitled, “Psychological Needs of Adolescents,” it was stated that college students enter in a fraternity for brotherhood and for protection.

Fraternity members voluntary joined hands in recognizing that true brotherhood emanates from love and respect for their fellowmen. According to Joseph Rhulman in his book “Personnel Principles in Chapter House” the reason behind why college students enter organizations such as fraternity, because of curiosity and peer pressure, in the youth sub-culture of almost all generations he peer group is more powerful influence than admonitions of parents and school authorities. There are ample data to show the ultimate erect of the college discrimination especially in regard to the earning trust of the students. In a typical university, the fraternity feels that it must make its entrance in style, being sure that it can compete with the long established group already present that is why they develop their own principles in recruiting new members.

Nowadays, many college students are aware with the mindless and useless death due to hazing. This barbaric practice which defies all norms of civilized conduct has ecome institutionalized establishments of higher learning is beyond understanding. Some fraternity members say that it is intended to instill discipline among unruly freshman and newly recruits, but the countless deaths and injuries it has caused seemed to militate against this cruel practice. That is why, most non members get intimidate by the way the members act. For instance, the fraternity riots that are breaking out. These non members are in fear that their lives might be in jeopardy. They suggest that the best way to do to have a clean –image-fraternity is to completely abolish hazing.

In the article “Tougher Laws Alone Won’t Stop Hazing and Abuses,” says that there is no justification for mindless violence and risk to life. However, the better remedy is to meet the needs of college students by means of more professionally oriented organizations. To give young men in our colleges and universities enough challenges and interesting tasks as well as stimulating academic activities to keep their minds focused on these priorities rather than their socializations needs alone, Another way is to say that the socialization needs will be met by the overall challenge of school activities and the xpectations given to young people to develop themselves without need for fraternities. Loss of life is certainly a better option to prevent these students from joining these Fraternities.

Chapter III Methodology

The survey type of a detailed analysis of a group, was used in this study since this study concerns about the present conditions regarding students who are involved in a fraternity or sorority the analysis of this condition will lead to the understanding and possible solutions to the problems undertaken by the researchers Methods Used In order to obtain the data which are important in the course of study, a case study s an appropriate method used. Case study is a detailed analysis of a person or group Profile of the respondents

There are 20 college students, ages 17-27 years of age, all Males, all singles serve as the Respondents and all of which were members of such Organizations or fraternities, among these respondents, 4 of which agreed to give such information about themselves which will be crucial in this research, Goy (not real name) a 18 year old college student from St James College of Quezon City, single and have been a member of a unsaid fraternity for two years now, “Nuno” (not real name) a 27 ear old alumni of Fatima College, single and have been a member of Tau Gamma Phi fraternity for nine years and still active and helping the growth of his fraternity, another one is “olsen” (not real name) a 19 year old student from University of Santo Tomas, single and also a member of Tau Gamma Phi for 3 years now, and last is “Bok” also a 19 years old student of Centro Escolar University, single and have been a member of his fraternity for 3 years now. Data gathering Procedure Library- based research. The researchers obtain some information from the library and v visit some websites.

Primary source of information such as books, articles and other publication are gathered. Secondary source of data were taken so that these materials will also provide information. Observation. The researchers have observed the respondents and studied the demographic profile of the subjects. Studying the location of the subjects will help fully understand the condition of the respondents since they came from various learning institutions. Interview. The researchers conduct queries in order to gather data. A structured questions are prepared . Survey. A questionnaire containing four (4) questions with multiple options re used . These questionnaires were administered to facilitate the validity of the data gathered. Instrumentation The researchers use questionnaire which has four questions with multiple options given to gather data for the study. Those questions are related to the problem statement. Sampling Techniques and Procedure Driven by the researchers need to gather information, the researchers choose lottery method in choosing the respondents for this research, In that case, the researchers will be able to better gather information without being biased in some information which he researchers consider important in this research, and also gather information without compromising the integrity of the data being shown.

Dear Respondents, We, the students enrolled in Society and Culture of FEU-Fern College are working on the research entitled, “Problems Facing Fraternity Membership”. This is in partial fulfillment of the requirements in the said subject. Rest assured that whatever information will be gathered will be used for research purposes only and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Chapter IV Analysis of Data

1. What fraternity are you currently engaged? Tau Gamma Phi ( 25% )

Alpha Kappa Rho ( 20% ) Scout Royal Brotherhood ( 15% ) Delta Sigma Phi ( 15%) Alpha Phi Omega ( 10% ) Beta Sigma ( 5% ) None ( 10% ) Total: 100% 2 Is it authorized in your school? Yes ( 0%) No ( 100% ) Total: 100% 3. What/Who encourage you to join the fraternity Socialization (20%) Security and Protection (15%) Invited by friends (13%) Curiosity (12%) No organization (11%) Peer Pressure (9%) Help others (9%) To be Popular (8%) Others (3%) Total 100% 4. What do you think are the advantages or disadvantages of joining Fraternity? Connection when you graduate (20%)

Have lots of friends (18%) Can do well in school (15%) To be popular (12. 5%) Full of riots (12. 5%) Death (12. 5%) Practice my right to say yes or no (9. 5%) Total 100%

Chapter V Summary of Results and Findings

Most of the fraternity members do not feel the problems physically, emotionally and socially. Most of those fraternities are unauthorized in schools, they join fraternities to have a better social life, security and protection and gain more friends, all of them answered that fraternity members do not deserve this problems. Most of the respondents have the same reason that there is nothing wrong with being a raternity or sorority member. Recommendations This research is highly recommended to all students especially in college levels who are already aware of such existing organizations; the proponents’ put stress into this research to show the students what are the problems encountered by the members of fraternities. Conclusion The group concluded that Problems facing fraternity is inevitable. According to the data gathered and answered questionnaires it shows that students join fraternities primarily because of security However some students have their own reason why they do not join such organization.


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