A Personal Story

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In my essay I am going to share a personal story with you that will tell you how I had to face hardships in order to pursue my studies. It’s all basically related to my education.

So my story starts off from the time when I was studying at school. I was an above average student in the junior classes but once I started getting promoted to higher classes, my grades were affected and they started declining.

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Things worsened for me when I reached the tenth grade. I was in my O-levels at that time and so I had to leave school as my family was also facing a financial crisis.

Once I left school, I appeared for my O-levels exams as a private candidate and after completing my O-levels, I joined a local school as an English teacher.

Teaching English was not my only subject, I was also assigned to teach some of the other English subjects such as General Knowledge, Geography, History, etc. along with mathematics to the students of grade two, three and four. Although I was not much satisfied with the compensation I was getting but it was indeed a good start as I did not have any previous experience of teaching before and even my qualifications were not much as I had just done my O-levels at that time.

Side by side, I started preparing to sit for A-levels examinations for which I choose three subjects. However, teaching was a hard job but along with teaching I decided to prepare for my exams but mostly due to lack of time I could not study.

Other than that, as it was my first experience of working anywhere, I had to learn a lot as to how to respond or react to certain situations as I am a kind of person who very frequently gets angry at things and gets irritated by any small thing but at work, I had to control my impatience.

This was the time when I started taking things in a different way. Although I was still impatient and fussy about things but I had to accept things that I was being told by my seniors to do. Therefore, I learnt to be patient and how to respond to things. In the world outside it’s usually that you always cannot say the things in a way that you really feel. However, one has to be very much careful due to the persisting politics in an organization and same was for the school I was working at.

Moreover, working here made me learn new things that were proved to be helpful for my career and for my future. During this time, I became fussy about some things and I did plan to resign but my resignation never used to be accepted as the principal wanted me to continue working for her. Months passed and the date of my A-levels examinations came nearer and nearer that created a tension for me.

As I mentioned above, I am not a brilliant student who could understand the concepts just by reading the books once. Therefore, to prepare for my examinations, I talked to my employer and asked him for an early off every day so that I could go home early and I could study. There were just three months left for my examinations when I started studying for my examinations and that too along with the work load of the place I was working at.

Finally, the date of my examination came and I appeared for my A-levels examinations. The result was supposed to be announced a couple of months later. Meanwhile, I was still working at the school and during that time I also started preparing for my entrance test for my bachelors degree that was to be held a month after my A-levels examinations.

Therefore, I gave my entrance test and was glad to know that I had cleared it. A few days later, I had my interview at my university and I cleared that as well. This was the time when I finally resigned and left the job as my university was to start within a month. I worked at the school for more or less a year.

Meanwhile, I prepared for my university that started soon. I used all my savings to pay my university tuition fee and in the end I was left with nothing. Therefore, to cope up with my financial expenses, I decided to give home tuitions to the students.

These students basically used to be from primary level classes and the basic subjects that I used to give tuitions for were English and Mathematics. I kept on giving tuitions to different students throughout as I was supposed to pay my university tuition fees as still my family was facing a financial crisis. Therefore, to continue my studies, I had to continue giving tuitions to the students.

At university, I was enjoying my life although studies at this level got a little tougher and I had to study hard in order to achieve good grades in the courses I appeared for. Besides the academics, I took part in the extra circular activities at my university such as in sports, declamation contests, drama, etc. and this was the fun part of the time I used to spend at the university besides the stress of the studies.

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