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A passion for practicing medicine in Developing Country

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A life with purpose is a life without misery. While yet many choose purpose out of a mere likeness, I have chosen mine out of interest, vision and passion. To live beyond a committed life in the world of medicine is my focal point. Yes, an opportunity to live a noble future that reflects constantly on the healing assignment, making people appreciate the privilege of breath.

Of more interest of course, is the agendum to study medicine.A worthwhile career to contribute to life, making the world a better place to live. Health is wealth, so says a common saying. The study of health hence is the study of wealth. I am quite positive that my interest dwells in the study of medicine not only for a mere need to able to treat the ill ones, but a mission to spread the awareness of the need of good living and good health to all and sundry.

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Awareness that many of human ways bring about many diseases. Very few is aware that there are many more lethal diseases than AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).Diseases like Bird flu, Cancer, Leukemia, SARS, to mention but few, are relatively unaddressed by many.

Another issue that needs attention is the nutritional intake of human. Good nutrient does not only strengthen the body system, it also allows the body to resist some diseases. In the developed world, many eat and overfeed yet without taking the necessary nutrient. While in the developing countries, the case is more severe.

The reason is not unconnected to the fact that they have shortage of food, hence shortage of nutrient necessary for good health. If only there could be more seminars, campaigns, and other media of awareness creation, many could have been saved from many diseases.

I will like to join the presently available campaign teams across the world. Bodies like WHO (World Health Organization), USAID and lot more are doing a great job in sensitizing the entire globe on several health issues. Better still, if given all I require, I will like to create a new body that will focus on the developing countries. The Old and the young in the developing countries go through so much concerning their health.Unaware of repercussions of many of their ways, hence leading to many diseases.

They are locked up in a vicious circle of ill-health simply because of their poverty which does not afford them good health care. Countries like Somalia, Angola, Nigeria, to mention only but few among others, they need face lift in their attitudes towards their health schemes. Many children die of malaria or typhoid and yet many crippled by polio. These are diseases that could be cured or prevented with just a vaccination or some other simple drugs as the case may be.

Of more focus is the old, weak and fragile both physically and emotionally. They suffer dissertation and low appetite. Their psychological status is assumed defective; they feel an aura of rejection. The chewing skill is increased but without enhancement, for their teeth become weak like cotton.

Of more concern to me are the aged ones in the developing country, where the government of the masses cares less for the aged ones. Retired with little or no pension, living a practical vicious circle of no income, no health. I wish I could grow up in skill and knowledge in medicine vastly to help these people crying out everyday.

For long, I have watched mentors making things happen in the world of health; it is high time I joined the train and contributed my own quota, lest it will be late.

A passion for practicing medicine in Developing Country essay

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