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Practicing the Democracy in the Philippines

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How does People Power became a bad habit? How does Edsa 3 fail? Where does President Marcos fall short when there are many people tell that he was a good leader in terms of economic development? Was he corrupt? Why Benigno Aquino focuses on “assassination” on his interviews? Why was Benigno Aquino be the first to get off to the airplane? Why there was no bodyguard to take care of him? Did Ninoy know that he will soon die? Was it sacrifice? Why does he need to do that so? When people don’t like the operation of the government, they just go out to the office and shout.

Rebellion against the government is what will happen. This is what we call People Power. When thousands and even millions of people grouped together to commit one common goal - a big changes can happen, Changes in the government, administration, community and also “position”. All can change but not the attitude of every Filipino. Honestly, For me, We Filipino are lazy, We only think is ourselves. We don’t know how to cooperate with the leaders. We don’t give our trust. Instead, We are “Juan Tamad” waiting for the guava fell from the hand of our leader. We don’t know how to work for ourselves.

We always want help from the government and that is what the government is offering to us but we don’t give any help in return. Why do we always put our anger to the president? The president could not monitor each one of us that is why we have a respected leader in our respected place. We can be a leader in ourselves. All we need is discipline and the word of God to govern us. While I was walking in gastambide Street last night, I saw some student throwing garbage in the street. I felt madness. Our leader will not go there to pick it up and put it to the garbage can for them.

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Laziness. I heard the one said, “sus! May magwawalis naman jan. ” I got angry, but I can’t speak. Don’t they have discipline? Don’t they have an ethics class? Do they know about ethics? Yes, they have freedom to throw it there but they must not forget that there is a rule. Democracy was granted to us with the help of the Aquinos but we must not forget our responsibility. A “lack of help” turns to anger, making people march out to Edsa. Laziness. Let us differentiate Filipino from Chinese. The answer is already there. Poor become more poorer and richer become more richer.

We Filipino give so much dependence to the government where in fact, we can do it alone and share it with others. All because of laziness. This attitude makes People Power a bad habit. It’s like saying, “Ang gusto ko ibigay mo, kung hindi paalisin ka namin dyan sa pwesto mo. ” It is saddening to note that it is a wrong practice of democracy. People Power is not Rebellion and not even rally. Nowadays, It is used to commit power and it is so sad. While doing this report, a news in a television got my attention. It was about the killing of the journalists. They were asking, where is democracy?

I look for the meaning in my dictionary, it says,”Democracy is a form of government by the people through elected representatives. ” A certain site from the Internet says “Democracy is a political government either carried out by the people (direct democracy), or the power to govern is granted to elected representatives”. Simply for me, it means freedom, the power is for people. Now, I understand. Former President Ferdinand Marcos took his responsibility carefully. He was an intelligent man. He knows how to speak to the different kinds of people in the society from elite to the poor.

He had many plan to put this country to the top. But this plan turned him to a greedy one. But what was the problem? FM forgot about democracy. He forgot to appreciate the capabilities of others to lead and instead he depended on his own knowledge and skills. He forgot the rights of the people and instead he became a dictator. That was a big problem for a country that practices democracy. Even the right to vote – the simplest form to practice democracy in this country was taken. Because of that, A brave man named “Ninoy Aquino” decided to make change.

This man sacrifices his self to open the eyes of every Filipino to fight for their rights. He said that “Filipino is worth dying for”. A dramatic quote which make me feel proud of being a Filipino. Why wonder I typed “I am proud of being a Filipino” in my friendster, facebook and multiply account. Every Filipino knows what “L” signs mean, Yellow Ribbon, Ninoy eyeglasses, yellow shirt. I hope that these are not only a trend to Filipino Fashion but rather I hope that every Filipino will use it to hold and to preserve the good things that Ninoy and Cory did.

I am not forcing everyone to vote for Noynoy but I am hoping that if Noynoy wins, Nonoy will do the same to promote democracy for I believe Like father, like son. He grew up to the family who fights for democracy and I am hoping he will do the same. Looking back to the Edsa People Power days, I was really amazed to see millions of people fight for freedom. I am wishing that millions of people will work also for the benefit of our country and I hope our leaders will cooperate. It is so dramatic to watch the part where people and the soldier joined together. I Thanked God for having Cory and Ninoy for our country.

If only I was born back then, I will also march up to Edsa to fight for democracy. There is a feeling of patriotism in me while watching that documentary. I really appreciate what Ninoy, Cory and the rest did. God granted democracy to us with the help of these people. We have to use it wisely. We must practice it rightly and we must not forget our duty and responsibility. We must not forget the people behind this movement. From Rizal to Ninoy to Cory and to the future hero. Let us not forget what democracy means hoping to preserve these people and Edsa not only to a page in history books but also within our hearts and warriors will lead that.

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