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Please find below some guide questions to help you when writing a statement for this unit, (if you would prefer, you can make notes on these points and we can have a taped discussion at our next visit)

General Knowledge for using electronic message systems:

Describe what the main types of electronic message systems are (for example, emails, instant messaging, text messaging etc) In our company we are using two of the main types of electronic message systems are as follows: •E-mails, these work by the message leaving your inbox, it is then transferred to a number of servers before it reaches the other persons inbox. During this time it passes through a few servers, some of which save the email for future reference.

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•Faxes are another type of electrical message system, this works by drawing the documents through it, scanning them and saving digital images into memory. The machine dials the number, waits for acknowledgment from the fax machine on the other end then transfers the images using different frequency tones to translate varying shades of dark and light.

Describe what the different features of electronic message systems are Emails are more superior then Faxes as you can attach things, and they can be used for a variety of things. Signing up to websites, they can also be used for video conferencing. You are not limited to how long the email is you are sending, however when you are using a fax machine you are charged by how many pages you send. This can be costly if it is used on a regular basis, whereas emails are free and readily available.

Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date The purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date is that I know which messages I dealt with also to avoid miscommunication. It also allows me to have more clear view at other messages. For example every day when I’m coming to work first what I do is checking my email to find what task I have to do. As soon as I replay I am moving them to folders or delete if are not important.

Describe how to use an electronic message system to check and delete or discard messages On our computers we are using Microsoft Outlook.  First what I need to do is log in to my account by using login and password then I can see all emails what been send to me directly or to address group where I’m included. When I get an email, my computer displays an envelope in the task bar area, plays a sound and also pops up on my screen to let me know that I have mail.

All new massages are bold font so are easy to spot. Enough if I click on message it will show on right site of my desktop and automatically sender will receive message that I have read his email. After read and respond I moving massages to adequate folder to keep information for case I’ll need it (for example attached forms) or delete if are finish and not needed any more. To delete message I need highlight message and click “Delete” button what move the message to “Delete items” then if I want remove permanently I need right click and choose “Empty bin”

Explain the purpose of leaving clear messages for others

The purpose of leaving clear messages for others is that we can make sure that the point we want to get across is received and hopefully understood. This can also minimize potential conflict that could come from misunderstanding.

Now show me how you use electronic message systems and give me some examples of the following (you can use screen shots and explanations to illustrate your answers)

Give me an example of a message that you have responded to within suitable timescale, show the message from someone and your message that you sent back

Twice a week we send packaging to Spain.

First what we receiving are details about transport from trays control department:
Who, when and what will be collected.

Then we are receiving a list of packaging from packaging planers:

When everything is ready I sending back list with quantities prepared to let know planers what exactly was send and what left in our stores.

Show me how you delete messages once they have been dealt with

Next click on “Delete Items” folder by right click open menu and chose “Empty folder”.

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