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What about family? Hope you're all well and you have a handsome husband - military officer, caring about you and your children. And you have two kids: a son - footballer and a daughter - ballerina. If not, do not worry! Whole life Is ahead, because you Just have got your dream Job and going to get a second degree. And have you learned the most beautiful language In the world? For so many years It Is quite possible . And If you still have not vaulted France, I'll be very disappointed!

It's our dreams what about other places? Rome or Madrid? New Zealand? If not, run and pack your suitcases' If you've got all these things done, then you can be proud of yourself! Now, put before yourself other goals, dream a lot and strive to it! And most importantly, never lose hope! All in all, you only live once, and you should try to experience everything in life: to try to achieve something, to conquer the top, test yourself, your character, strength of will and spirit.

I believe that you've done it, or to no end, you'll do it! Hope you have a great future. I love you z)) Take care, From the Real You.. Takes a lot of time and efforts. That's why it is very important to have a good teacher. I am very grateful to my English teacher - Easel Montanan, who was also our curator on the first course. The door opened and pleasant woman with kind smile entered the classroom. She greeted the students and introduced herself to us. It was the first time when we met her.

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We were studying on the first course when our first acquaintance with Easel Montanan happened. I remember my first impression of meeting with her. When our teacher looked around us silently, with smile on her face, I had a feeling that she could penetrate the soul of every student. Easel Montanan is a competent and professional teacher. She has a good command of the English language. From lesson to lesson we have improved our knowledge, have earn more and more new words, grammar structures and put them into practice of speaking.

She patiently corrected our mistakes and explained us everything, what we could not understand. Our lessons sometimes were full of fun. She always looked perfectly, and we never saw her face being angry or unfriendly. She helped us to develop our intellect, our attitudes to life and to other people. I thank her for that. No matter how many teachers we had through our life, we will always remember them and all the good things which they made for us. We were lucky to have such a nice teacher as Easel Montanan. Thank her very much.

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