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Me, Myself: A Rolling Stone Out to Gather Mosses!

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Old proverbs made new, so is the scripting of my life so far. Thus at the outset I thank the Almighty for presenting me a unique kaleidoscope to look through and to bask in the joy of discovering the unknown!

The Journey
I breathed first at Taiwan, then turned into teens at Shanghai and now I'm busy shaping my life in US. My horizon zoomed on gradually, and surely, it couldn't have been better! I hope someday I could boast about myself as a happy citizen of a global village.

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Thankfully, it was not the case of uprooting, and instead it all went like a series of happy adventure so far. Of course, a few hiccups were there, but who cares if it took some sweat to rise from a non-starter to a first boy in English Class at 7th grade (Shanghai), or for that matter, to adapt to the ethnic cuisine there? Who cared either, when it took some extra effort to excel in the Basketball Varsity Team in spite of a shorter height!

Challenges actually serve as springs beneath the launching pads – so I have learnt from my experience – the greater the challenge, the greater the scope to attain a new height! I liked them all. With this spirit, this humble fish has now reached the sea, thankfully with time and tide by its side as guardian angels – one to provide the power of young mind, and the other, which is YOU, to provide me the scope to utilize that power, let alone guiding and governing me towards the right direction.

As for the rough shades, I am lucky to have seen off the monotony of a run-of-the-mill life or political storms at places. I still detest the identical uniforms and rigid routines at Taiwan School, or political tension between Taiwan and Shanghai. These are the humdrums I've left behind.

Yet I will obviously carry with me the simplicities of Taiwan and the financial/economic knowledge that I could garner from Shanghai. I would always salute my teachers at Villanova (the premier school of Shanghai) for cementing my basement of knowledge and rousing my craving for more of it. And why not? This business school has equipped me bit by bit, to meet all the challenges of academic and social circumstances whatsoever anywhere!

And my parents! Words would fall short to describe their contribution in my life. It's because of them I could develop the attitude to find rhythm in diversity, to walk through the tough terrains of the unknown and to appreciate anything good anywhere.  It's this attitude that has made my transitions smoother and enjoyable – why, today I love English language no less than Taiwanese, or for that matter Chinese. Thanks to the unique and varied grooming, today I comprehend one adage from my heart:  "The more you learn, the more it opens up for learning."

Coming of Age
I love my pond, I love that bigger lake too and now I'm excited about my prospect in the sea! So what if I think to raise more capillaries in my brain through varied social, academic and spiritual sparks? The bigger the canvas the bigger scope for its painter!

I dream to be a part of the US society, an active molecule to its social, academic and cultural chemistry. I dream to be a big fish in Economics. Big fishes need sea, and so I am here!

And yes! It would never be all about taking. Thanks to the new age gurus, I'm a firm believer of the Law of Giving. Thus it has to be a unique symbiosis between my world and me.

And this is the world for me. Study and masterminding scopes cannot be better than what is available here. The fuss about politics is absent; the freedom of expression is highly regarded. These are the ideal conditions for a student to grow. Here I will be able to continue my co curricular activities too – I can brush up my Basketball skills again, or the debating skills I earned from the Student Association body. I can renew my writing or editing skills. I can unwind with community services. I can bask in the warmth of friendship.

Here's the scope. Here I will be able to light a thousand bulbs in the hall of my heart. It's here I'll be able to air, care and share all of me.

This place is the ideal example to establish the law of giving. This is my choicest springboard for actions. And who doesn't know, actions speak louder than words? That is my mantra and with that I'm merrily waiting at your gate. Knock knock knock! Open the door and let me in! I've wonderful dreams waiting to be unearthed. Let that happen here!


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