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Where Do I See Myself in 10 years?

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Started from being a little girl who didn’t know what was right or wrong, a girl who just looked at everyone thinking they were weird looking or funny, a girl who loved her family just as much has she loved her binky. To being a woman today with big hopes and dreams, a woman who one day will pursue her goal to being an athletic trainer, and to one day have a family of four. Ten years from now I desire to finish college with a masters in athletic training and work with a professional sports team. I want to save lives in the future and in order for that to happen, I must complete my goals.

The beginning of sixth grade was when I first was involved with sports. I loved basketball, but it also was the only sport I did for a year. The next year was when I really got involved with all sports. I participated in volleyball. I never really thought that I, not the smallest or bravest girl, would enjoy volleyball but I did. It was so fun and I was actually good at it! I was so surprised by the end of the season. I was able to block, reach over the net, hit, pass, and I wasn't afraid to fall to the ground.

Now, being a senior in high school and over half way to graduating I absolutely love volleyball. My dream ever since freshman year when we went to a WSU volleyball game was to be college student playing volleyball on a college court in front of a big crowd shouting of my name because I have played great. Since then I have come to realize that I am too short to play college volleyball. I feel really tall next to my friends and family members but when I stand next to the college volleyball players I am a shrimp.

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I want to do something with my life that involves sports. I feel like sports make up my personality. Even if I am weak at some sports, it helped build up my leadership, my confidence to achieve something that I need to work on, and my ability to stay competitive against others. The closest career that dealt with sports and made a decent amount of money was athletic training. Taping injuries, teaching the players’ different exercises, and much more sounds so fun and a career that I can spend the rest of my life to doing.

I someday hope to be working at a college that I graduated from hoping to be either Boise State University or University of Montana. My goal is to have started a family business to help my family out with money and also to help people that are in need of sports injuries. I want my business to be a gym where members can workout. When they get an injury or have a question about an injury, I will have employees by their side in no time to answer their questions.

If the member wants they can have a personal trainer to help him or her out. This business will have a gym and such others there they can play basketball, tennis, racquetball, weight room, and etc. I hope to make the business fun but yet a serious place where people with such injuries can get the help that they need to make their lives better. My future ahead of me looks bright and exciting. I want to achieve my goals in order my future to end up what I have wrote above.

Where Do I See Myself in 10 years? essay

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