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Comparing Myself to Jonas From the Book The Giver

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How different are you from the main character in your book? In my book “The Giver", Jonas was the main character. We both have 5 things that are the most important things in our lives. Mine were family, parkour, friends, atheism and comedy. Jonas' 5 most important things to him, according to me, was the ceremony of 12, assignment, family, friends and rules. We do have some differences, but we also have a few similarities and I will be comparing them. The first most important thing to my life is family. family is the fourth most important thing to Jonas. In my family there is me, my mom, my dad and my brother. Jonas' family is, his father. sister and mother. The only difference between our two families is that Jonas has a sister and l have a brother. I love my family a lot and Jonas did too until he felt he was betrayed by them.

Friends, to me, is the 3rd most important thing in my life. To Jonas, friends are his fifth most important thing to him. In “The Giver" Jonas' friends were Asher and Fiona. My five best friends are Josh, Tristan, Hunter W., Hunter F., and Chase. Jonas liked his friends, but they weren't the most important things to him. In my life, friends are very important to me, that’s why they’re number 3 on my list. I'm sure friends would be more important to Jonas if he had more free will and choices. The fifth most important thing to me is Comedy. Jokes, laughter, funny movies or shows, I love them. Without humor in my life, I would be incredibly depressed. I love joking around with my friends and just having a good time.

My favorite comedy movie is “Grown Ups” and my favorite comedy show is “Real-time With Bill Maher.” My favorite Joke is “guess what, what. chicken butt." The most important thing to Jonas is his Ceremony of 12. He was incredibly nervous about it before it happened. It was something he was looking forward to his whole life. In his ceremony of 12, he and the rest of the current 12‘s got their alignment. In the book, Jonas was skipped but later was turned back to at the end. Also at the ceremony, everyone under 12 would move up a number. Jonas‘ assignment was the second most important thing to him. Although it would become his first and most important thing since his ceremony was over Jonas' assignment was the job with the most honor in the community.

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It was to become the new giver. In order for him to become the giver he needed to be the receiver of memory and receive memories from the current giver. The second most important thing in my life, without a doubt, is parkour. Parkour is a french word that means to run over or through. It's a way of movement of getting over obstacles or from point A to point B. You do it safely and efficiently by using as little energy as possible. I've been doing parkour for about 2 years I think and I love it. It's my favorite hobby sport and I don't think I will ever grow tired of it. Now back to Jonas. Rules, until the end of the book, were Jonas' 3rd most important thing. In the community, they would have the precision of language. He would correct people if they were wrong. Some rules he disregarded but mostly everybody did anyways. For example, he rode his dads bike before he was allowed to. So that's why rules is number 3 on the list. The final thing I have to talk about is Atheism.

I guess it should be religion but my religion is being an Atheist. I study religion a lot and I‘m currently reading the book, “God is not one” which it talks about almost all of the main religions there are today. I think religion is important to me because religion has such a big influence on everybody's life. I guess I am sort of agnostic since I am always open to new ideas and religions. Since none of them have persuaded me I currently don't believe in a “God", Well, those are the five most important things in my life and Jonas' life according to me. My top 5 in order are family, parkour, friends, atheism and comedy. Jonas' are the ceremony of 12, his assignment, and rules. family and friends. What are the 5 most important things in your life and are they similar to anybody in the books you're reading?

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