A Letter to My Best Friend’s Mother about How Her Son Is Doing in School

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Last Updated: 28 May 2023
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How are you and the family? What about Tony? I hope he's settled back from school already. When I ran into you today, you mentioned something about having to be in a meeting today. I hope you met up with the convention. You asked about the letter I promised to write you earlier today. I am sorry I didn't have it then, as there was no light for me to write it yesterday. I hope you find it enthralling, and please forgive me if you find this letter too long for your convenience; I am a very passionate writer.

I guess you must be utterly befuddled on why I decided to write you a letter rather than speak with you while standing, or sitting, next to you. Well, I am very good with words, written words, and I'm freer writing than speaking. You wanted to know how Tony behaves in school, his attitude towards learning and conduct. I will reply as accurately as I can, and I hope you wouldn't be sceptical about what you see in this letter.

First of all, I find Anthony as a very dependent person. He has to ask from someone, particularly me, of what next to do. More often than none, he actually just idles himself, waiting to see what others are doing before he does something, anything at all. More on decision making, sometimes, he actually asks me on what to do with his money. When people enquire why he asks me to budget his money, he says he does so because I study economics. We both know that's not true. His very dependent act has become so obvious that he has even been tagged in the dormitory as 'nwaboy'. Not long after, I received wild critics about being his father or something of the sort. I was wholly embarrassed that day because the way they said it made it seem a bad term. Nonetheless, I think he has actually improved since the term I met him. But, I sincerely think he can become self-dependent. Perhaps a little talk about how difficult your past life was -if it actually was- and how you had to become independent would do the trick.

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Furthermore, he is anti-social. Do you know that since SS1 Tony has been sitting at the back of his class? Personally, I would have loved to change his seat, but that would have seemed like dictatorship, and since I am but a mate to his class mates, I can't authorize a change in his sitting space in class. And each time I pass his class, I see him staring blankly at something, or most times, nothing. He just sits at the back of the class emotionlessly. I have actually asked him why it is so; to which he retorts with utmost rickety excuses. I even asked his fellow classmates, Chibuike, of how he behaves in class. He said that sometimes, he truly forgets Tony is a member of his class. Similarly, during that period when I had some beef with him, it was as if all life had been sucked from him, and all happiness drained. Sadly, one of our dorm partners even shouted at Tony to not jump out of the window in sorrow and lonesomeness. That particular scene is embedded in my psyche, and it is a remembrance of my selfish acts. Do please accept my apology, again.

Although this might seem a huge paradox to you, I think Tony needs to gain weight. In SS1, when our friendship was still fresh, we used to call each other lawyer and client. I was the former. Then, I protected him from any form of maltreatment, at least to the very best of my capability; if it's a small intruder or someone of my size, I use brawl. But if it's somebody bigger than me, then I talk them to nothingness. It seemed like a very stupid thing to do for free, so we proclaimed to whatever bland mind that so happened to ask that he paid me for my protective services. Those services had an impact because, before an arrogant person tries to extort him, they check whether I'm in the vicinity. That was why I had to follow him around, or at least check on him every hour or so. I was his bodyguard. Also, because of his stature, he is a frequent victim of bullying and extortion, even by his mates. My advice, let him eat more and fatten up this holiday. I hope he does.

I hope I have not brainwashed you into thinking that your only son is some ignominy or of the sort. Despite being a surreptitiously anti-social and dependent person, he also portrays some very adorable characters I am sure every mother desires in her children. Tony is the quintessence of a friend; he is watchful and is an apt listener. He is also very organized as he has not lost his key since last term-a feat I have never achieved in my whole life. Though, how he misplaced my blazer is shocking. He is also ready to learn. When he says he wants to learn something, he actually learns it. I think his only downside in that particular aspect is his readiness to read on weekends, and ask questions in class. I strongly believe only you can actually change his mind-set, as it seems I have no prowess at such things.

I hope I didn't bore you to death with the verbose words contained in the letter. Oh! I'm very sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday when I saw you this morning. It was very rude of me. Anyways, happy belated birthday wishes and much more prosperity in years to come. And about the phone-present, I am eternally grateful to you for promising to buy it. Few mothers would agree to buy such an expensive present for an almost stranger. Fewer would actually purchase the gift. Thank you a thousand times. About the blazer, I have no idea how to break the news to my mum; she would be vexed. But, thank you. I guess that's all I can really say. Finally, I and Anthony have this competition planned. We want to know who's better at cooking noodles. It sounds dumb, yes, I know, but can we just go ahead? Please? I would have to come visit you, and I haven't the slightest inkling as to how to find your address. Ask Anthony. He should have all the details of the competition.

Please ask Tony to forgive me for not being online this night. My current phone has a charging problem, and couldn't charge. It was only until my dad came back from work that I could use his phone to check whether he was online, and shockingly, he was. Wish him an enjoyable holiday for me. Remind him to complete his holiday assignments and read ahead of next term. That's what I would be doing. Also, tell him to get ready for the worst defeat he would ever have in a cooking contest. Till the next time we see, have a wonderful month. I will remember you in my prayers. Bye.

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