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Valerie Martinez CMST100 4/22/12 The Best Friend Award For my best award I chose my best friend, Arely. I chose Arely because I really that we’ve had a long friendship during high school, considering that things don’t always last during our high school years. Not only because we’ve been friends for so long, but also because I’ve gone through some hardships throughout those years and she was there for me.

She never gave up or got sick of me going to her and telling her all my feelings, in other words venting to her about everything. She knows me so well; I sometimes think she knows me better than I know myself. She’s always makes me feel better and I just love our friendship and I believe she deserves the best friend award. I decided to give her a letter telling her how much I appreciate her and thank her for her being my best friend.

I also mentioned what I like about our relationship and what I wanted us to keep going and what I wanted to do to make things better for our relationship. This letter I wrote on was on white paper and I decorated it with a lot of pink because I know that is her favorite color. Arely and I both are taking the same class, so I don’t think she was that surprised to have gotten this letter. When I gave it to her, she didn’t read it till later that day.

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I got a text from her late at night that day and she said, “ aww I love you”. Overall, I think this assignment is a really good idea. I think once in a while we need to remind the ones we love that we love them. There are many people that don’t do that and their friend might feel sad because they wish their friend could tell them they appreciate him or her. I know I don’t do that very often and writing this letter made me realize that I need to let the people that I care about know that I love them more often.

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