Death of a Best Friend

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It was In a sixth grade classroom with about twenty strangers, where I learned my best friend would not return to school. The sun glaring through the window nearly blinded me as I turned away from the class to hide my tears. Facing away from the quiet room, still knew everyone's eyes were fixed on the teacher as they waited on her to say something else. After sitting in silence for what seemed like forever, the class turned their attention to the school guidance counselor frantically rushing Into the room.

I kept my position toward the window until she hurried over to my desk and told me my parent's were there to check me out of school. It was the most unusual feeling I had ever felt. I had been to a few funerals before and I had even lost both of my grandparent's, but losing Alison was different; it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It seemed so unreal because Just the day before I was sitting in the same seat talking to her. How strange it is that someone can be so full of life, but in Just a short moment God can take them away.

In that one short moment I lost so much. I lost the person I could confide In, the first person I told my secrets to, and the one I could be my complete self around. Friends like Alison do not come along everyday. On August 16th, 2006, only the third day at my new school, I found out how strange death is. Though some may not understand because they have never experienced it, the death of a best friend is easily the most painful feeling; it is an experience full of mixed emotions and countless life changing realizations.

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On that third morning of school, our teacher, Ms. Andy, calmly announced to the class that Alison was in a wreck on the way to school. The only thing I could think about was how mad I had been at my parent's for not allowing me to ride to school with Alison and her brother. The entire school, which could not have been more than here hundred people, met In the gym to pray. Mr.. Skipper, our headmaster, prayed into the microphone, but while he spoke I did not listen; I prayed a special prayer of my own. After Mr..

Skipper said "Amen," he proceeded to tell us Alison had to be flown to Birmingham. I knew that meant she was seriously Injured. Then, the bell rang and silently walked to break with some girls Alison Introduced me to. While I sat at the table attempting to eat my breakfast, I could not help noticing the teachers crying. With hope that they were not crying about Alison, I walked nervously to the classroom after the second bell rang. I slowly returned to my seat, where I would soon learn that when Allison helicopter reached the hospital. He was pronounced dead. Seven years ago on August 16th, my life was forever changed. Alison was the type of person that had that effect on people; she made an impact on so many people's lives even before her death. She began to influence my life the day I met her in pre-school and has continued to Influence me after that atrocious day. Alison taught me so much, but the most precious thing being what a true friend is. Alison was the type of friend hat told me what I needed to know regardless of whether I wanted to hear it or not.

She was someone who never got on my nerves even after being together for days. She was the first person I would go to when I made plans, needed someone to talk to, or needed to be cheered up. Alison not only showed me what to look for In a friend, but she also taught me how to be a good friend. Soon after she died, her death 1 OFF away from Him, but when I miss Alison I pray. On earth and in Heaven, Alison has brought me closer to God. Losing her was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it made the most important difference in my life.

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