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A day in Detroit Michigan It is a cold, cloudy, overcast morning in Detroit, Michigan. It is very remote here and there have only been a few people I have seen walking the streets. I have seen only about four people so far as I am walking downtown, and those were African Americans. I have not seen any white people though at this time. I feel as If I am In another country. Most of the city at this time Is very remote and there are not a lot of businesses that are still in business. I feel cold here and as I am walking the energy that I am feeling is very shut off and bare.

I feel as If I am In a place where no one ants to be, and I am a little scared that I am walking these streets with Just my brother and l. Everyone that we have passed by have looked at us strangely probably wondering why we are walking these streets. It Is 10:00 am In October here In Michigan. Dead leafs surround the sidewalks and streets as the colored leafs start changing. This Is my favorite time of year In Michigan. The sky is grey and the air is chilly so we are dressed pretty warm.

The sun is trying to come through the clouds but so far it is still very cloudy and gloomy. No one is around and I am looking at the buildings in the city and how a lot of of Hess buildings are so different. There are a lot of abandoned buildings around and it looks as if non one wants to come and take care of them anymore. This is when that cold feeling really started kicking in as I'm realizing that this city is so dead and seems like no one wants to keep this city alive anymore. The sun is finally starting to peak through the clouds now.

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It is now 2:30 in the afternoon here in Detroit. I have seen more people at this time walking around. When the sun started coming out, I felt that it touched the city in a way and made everything have more hope that surrounded me as I walked up and down these trees. The city had more of a positive feeling at this time, and the sky was turning but and I even saw more people laughing and carrying on conversation through each other. The birds were chirping in the trees and the environment seemed more alive.

The only down fall that I came to realize was when the sun came out, the streets started smelling and the weather started getting humid and muggy. A lot of people that "lived" in the city were homeless. That means the outside is their bathroom as well. As I started walking further away from downtown, I noticed some houses along the way. I was in a bad neighborhood but no one seemed to be outside so I kept my head down and continued on my way. The houses were old and not well kept that had trash along the side of them and metal bars on the windows.

Every other house on the block was abandoned. I felt sad and blessed at the same time. Sad because I felt so bad for the people that were living their life this way and blessed that I was able to come from such an amazing home and a fortunate family. Night was falling and I cam back to observe the night life In the city. I stayed In my car and drove around the city because I felt that at this time of day It was unsafe or me to be walking around. A lot of gang actively happens at this time and I would of been scared.

There was a lot of traffic and I looked and followed it to see what was awesome because events stuck as a Detroit Red Wings game still took place in the city. It was a nice surprise seeing all these people wearing red wings Jerseys smiling with excitement about the game. I drove home with fulfillment that I got to experience a day in Detroit Michigan. Although at first it was a cold, gloomy, grey day, it turned out to be a good day. Being able to experience a day in Detroit reminded me to always be grateful for everything that I have.

I think this experience will forever stay with me whenever I feel as though I am having a bad day. I will always look back and remember that it could always be worse. I think everyone should spend a day in a less fortunate area to keep in mind how much you really do have and to not worry about the little things that life throws your way. To always remember that everyone you come in contact with is fighting a battle Just like you and to never treat those around you less than because we are all humans. Thank you for this humbling experience Detroit.

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