The Ambitious Dreamer: The Story of Detroit Engineer Preston Tucker

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Tucker is at the least a dreamer and an optimist however, despite his ambitious personality he tends to show anger issues. Detroit engineer Preston Tucker had always been Interested in building cars since childhood. As the war came to a stop he decides to launch the idea of "the car of tomorrow". Despite what anyone told him he was determined to bring his dream Into a reality. He was extremely optimistic about creating the "Tucker Torpedo" In that he did not let anyone tell him he couldn't do it. However, after many fullbacks in the building of the "Tucker Torpedoes" he lets is tension go in with bursts of anger.

All in all, Preston Tucker is a dreamer, an optimist and occasionally has outbursts of anger. Throughout the film Tucker is shown to be a man with big dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. " This was most definitely how Tucker lived his life. He believed in the power of a dream and was driven by it to create a car which was revolutionary safe including disc brakes, seat belts, pop out windshield, an engine in the trunk and head lights which swivel when you turn. Tuckers outlook on life most likely had to do with his childhood.

HIS parents would have supported him In any aspirations he had. Rather than discouraging any of his hopes and dreams his friends and family would have told him that he can do anything he puts his mind to. In the end, Preston was a dreamer who had high hopes. However, in the midst of building the cars, a few problems were thrown his way which caused him to snap in anger. Secondly, Preston showed small outbursts of anger during the movie. For example, when the car is not ready to be presented to the public he punches the wall and is hon.. To be enraged.

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This shows that even though he is ambitious and positive he is still human and gets uptight now and then. Another example is when Preston finds out that the contract he signed allows a powerful man from "The Big Three" (Ford, Studebaker and Dodge) to be in charge of the company. During this scene he yells and displays high levels of frustration. Therefore, Tucker has a few outbursts of anger throughout the film but he manages to stay positive to the best of his ability. Lastly, Tucker Is strikingly optimistic. According to Dry.

Jason Sell "Optimism Is what alps us deal with unexpected change, crushing stress, and inevitable disappointments. It's what prompts us to learn from mistakes rather than feel defeated by them. " Tucker shows many optimistic views in the course of the movie. For example when the radio dieses his car he remains positive and believes it will still be a success. Even though Tucker is acquitted on all charges of theft and fraud, his company still falls into bankruptcy. Rather than becoming depressed that he won't be able sell millions of cars he says "50 or 50 million it doesn't matter. The company is over but the dream still lived.

In addition, the final scene Is of Preston driving away sketching an Idea for a mini fridge. All in all, Preston remains optimistic throughout the course of the film. In conclusion, Preston Tucker Is a dreamer, an optimist and occasionally has outbursts of anger. He has big hopes and dreams for the future. Despite what anyone says, when he has a dream he goes all In and doesn't let what people say affect him. Nevertheless, he occasionally had a frenzy of anger when a towards the positive. Brian Thomas Littered once said "Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll land among the stars. "

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