A Critique on Raphael

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A Critique on Raphael Raphael was a very unique and admirable artist; however, he had many affairs, Michelangelo also disliked Raphael and thought his art was absurd and many others came to see his influence as harmful. Raphael was engaged to Maria Beanie but never had the chance to marry. From the beginning he was never interested in this engagement and he found entertainment with his mistress, Margarita Lute. During the time of his death he had written a will which left sufficient funds for the care of his mistress.

He left his studio and trust to his friends. Despite his "engagement", Raphael was a womanlier. He said that his mistress had to live with him because, "no sex, no frescoes", if he didn't get what he wanted then no one will get what they want. The cause of his death was unknown to many but some say that he died because of his courtship with Margarita Lute several days before his death and obtained a certain disease and was treated for another and later died of the wrong cure. Raphael became an icon of lust.

He later started painting nude portraits, which lead to Michelangelo having a keen dislike towards Raphael. Raphael had looked up to Michelangelo for the longest time and has been inspired by him numerous times. He has also gotten ideas for new paintings from the inspiration of the great Leonardo Advance like, "The Young Lady with Unicorn", this particular picture was inspired by Advancing, Mona Lisa. After his death Picasso had painted a series of pornographic paintings depicting Raphael and Margarita Lute making love with Michelangelo hiding underneath the bed.

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Repeal's art will forever live on and will most definitely have a magnificently Jaw dropping story behind it. Being an icon of lust and Michelangelo having a severe hate towards him really helped him discover what he really truly wanted to paint. He merely told a story of his life through his art and his affairs, he says were with the love of his life. Not only will people remember him for his works of art such as "The School of Athens", but they will also remember him as a man with a titillate passion for love.

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